Appropriate Use - Honeywell 3014D Owner's Manual

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This Executive Safe protects records and many other valuables. Testing shows that the interior
temperature of the safe remains below 350°F (177°C) for 30 minutes during a fire up to 1400°F
(760°C) when used properly. Your safe must be closed and latched in order to properly protect
the contents from fire.
Proper installation and anchoring are critical to the security of your safe.
Install near a load-bearing wall to support the weight of the safe.
To help protect the exterior finish of your safe, install inside in a dry location where there is
climate control (heat in the winter and cooling in the summer).
This safe has been designed to withstand a certain amount of heat during a fire. Generally
speaking, fire safes perform better in lower levels of a home (like the basement) where fire
temperatures are lower. Additionally, placement of your safe away from potential hot spots
(areas where flammable materials are stored) will improve your chances that your safe and its
contents will perform better in a home fire. No safe is completely fireproof. If the fire reaches a
high enough temperature for long periods, fire damage will occur.
Before moving your safe, verify the load bearing weight of the floors and stairs, and types of
flooring the safe will be moved over (tile, wood, and other flooring can be damaged by the
weight of the safe). To determine whether or not your safe will make it through doorways,
stairs or corners take the empty safe box and see if it will fit all the way through to its final



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