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To Turn An Alarm And The Hourly Time Signal On And Off; To Stop The Alarm - Casio 3444 Operation Manual

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To turn an alarm and the Hourly Time Signal on and off

1. In the Alarm Mode, use A and C to select an alarm or the Hourly Time Signal.
2. When the alarm or the Hourly Time Signal you want is selected, press B to turn it on and off.
The alarm on indicator (when any alarm is on), snooze alarm
Alarm on indicator
Alarm on indicator
indicator (when the snooze alarm is on), and the Hourly Time
Signal on indicator (when the Hourly Time Signal is on) are shown
on the display in all modes.
Snooze alarm
Snooze alarm
Hourly time signal
Hourly time signal
on indicator
on indicator
Checking the Current Time in a Different Time Zone
You can use the World Time Mode to view the current time in one of 31 time zones (48 cities) around the
globe. The city that is currently selected in the World Time Mode is called the "World Time City".
To enter the World Time Mode
Currently selected
Currently selected
Use D to select the World Time Mode (WT) as shown on page E-24.
Word Time City
Word Time City
One second after WT appears on the display, the city code of the
currently selected World Time City will scroll once in the upper display.
After that, the World Time City's city code will be displayed in the upper
To view the time in another time zone
In the World Time Mode, use A (East) and C (West) to scroll through
city codes.
Current timekeeping
Current timekeeping
Mode time
Mode time
Current time in the currently
Current time in the currently
selected World Time City
selected World Time City
The display of the watch is illuminated for easy reading in the dark.
The watch's auto light switch turns on illumination automatically when
you angle the watch towards your face.
The auto light switch must be turned on (page E-94) for it to operate.
To turn on illumination manually
Press L in any mode to illuminate the display.
You can use the procedure below to select either 1.5 seconds or three
seconds as the illumination duration. When you press L, the display
will remain illuminated for about 1.5 seconds or three seconds,
depending on the current illumination duration setting.
The above operation turns on illumination regardless of the current
auto light switch setting.
Illumination is disabled during time calibration signal reception, while
confi guring sensor measurement mode settings, and during bearing
sensor calibration.
To change the illumination duration
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down E for at least two seconds. First, SET Hold will fl ash on the
display, and CITY will be displayed in the upper display. After that, the currently selected city code and
city name will scroll across the upper display. Keep E depressed until the scrolling starts.
2. Use D to cycle through the setting screens until LIGHT appears in the upper display.
The current illumination duration setting (1 or 3) will be fl ashing in the middle display.
See the sequence in step 2 of the procedure under "To change the current time and date
settings manually" (page E-30) for information about how to scroll through setting screens.
This watch features a "Full Auto Light", so the auto light switch operates only when available light is
below a certain level. It does not illuminate the display under bright light.
The auto light switch is always disabled, regardless of its on/off setting, when any one of the following
conditions exists.
While an alarm is sounding
While a bearing sensor calibration operation is being performed in the Digital Compass Mode
While a receive operation is in progress in the Receive Mode
While a sunrise or sunset time is being calculated
While in a sensor mode, an auto light switch operation is performed after a sensor reading
To turn the auto light switch on and off
In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down L for at least three seconds to
toggle the auto light switch on (LT displayed) and off (LT not displayed).
The auto light switch on indicator (LT) is on the display in all modes
while the auto light switch is turned on.
The auto light switch turns off automatically whenever battery power
drops to Level 4 (page E-10).
Auto light switch on
Auto light switch on
Operation Guide 3444

To stop the alarm

Press any button.
The snooze alarm sounds up to seven times at intervals of about fi ve minutes.
After the snooze alarm fi rst sounds, SNZ will fl ash on the display until the snooze alarm sounds all
seven times or until it is canceled.
The snooze alarm will be canceled when any of the following occurs while the SNZ indicator is fl ashing
on the display.
- If you turn off the snooze alarm
- If you display the snooze alarm setting screen
- If you display the Timekeeping Mode setting screen
- If your Home City and World Time City are the same city, and you use the World Time Mode to
change the summer time setting of your Home City
To specify standard time or daylight saving time (DST) for a city
1. In the World Time Mode, use A (East) and C (West) to scroll through
the available city codes.
Keep scrolling until the city code whose Standard Time/Daylight
Saving Time setting you want to change is displayed.
2. Hold down E for at least two seconds.
Keep E depressed until the current setting (DST Hold ON or DST
Hold OFF) starts to fl ash on the display.
DST Hold ON means that summer time is enabled, and that the
current time is advanced accordingly. DST Hold OFF means that
summer time is disabled, and that the current time shows standard
This toggles the city code you selected in step 1 between Daylight
Saving Time (DST indicator displayed) and standard time (DST
indicator not displayed).
Using the World Time Mode to change the DST setting of the
city code that is selected as your Home City also will change the
Timekeeping Mode time DST setting.
Note that you cannot switch between standard time/daylight
saving time (DST) while UTC is selected as the World Time City.
Note that the standard time/daylight saving time (DST) setting
affects only the currently selected time zone. Other time zones are
not affected.
DST indicator
DST indicator
3. Press A to toggle the illumination duration between three seconds (3 displayed) and 1.5 seconds (1
4. After all of the settings are the way you want, press E twice to exit the setting screen.
About the Auto Light Switch
Turning on the auto light switch causes illumination to turn on,
whenever you position your wrist as described below in any mode.
Moving the watch to a position that is parallel to the ground and
then tilting it towards you more than 40 degrees causes
illumination to turn on.
Always make sure you are in a safe place whenever you are reading the display of the watch
using the auto light switch. Be especially careful when running or engaged in any other activity
that can result in accident or injury. Also take care that sudden illumination by the auto light
switch does not startle or distract others around you.
When you are wearing the watch, make sure that its auto light switch is turned off before riding
on a bicycle or operating a motorcycle or any other motor vehicle. Sudden and unintended
operation of the auto light switch can create a distraction, which can result in a traffi c accident
and serious personal injury.
Illumination Precautions
The LED that provides illumination loses power after very long use.
Illumination may be hard to see when viewed under direct sunlight.
Illumination turns off automatically whenever an alarm sounds.
Frequent use of illumination runs down the battery.
Auto light switch precautions
Wearing the watch on the inside of your wrist, movement of your arm, or vibration of your arm can
cause frequent activation of the auto light switch and illumination of the display. To avoid running down
the battery, turn off the auto light switch whenever engaging in activities that might cause frequent
illumination of the display.
Note that wearing the watch under your sleeve while the auto light switch is turned on can cause
frequent illumination of the display and can run down the battery.
Illumination may not turn on if the face of the watch is more than 15 degrees above
or below parallel. Make sure that the back of your hand is parallel to the ground.
Illumination turns off after the preset illumination duration (page E-92), even if you
keep the watch pointed towards your face.
Static electricity or magnetic force can interfere with proper operation of the auto
light switch. If illumination does not turn on, try moving the watch back to the
starting position (parallel with the ground) and then tilt it back towards your face
again. If this does not work, drop your arm all the way down so it hangs at your
side, and then bring it back up again.
You may notice a very faint clicking sound coming from the watch when it is shaken
back and forth. This sound is caused by mechanical operation of the auto light
switch, and does not indicate a problem with the watch.
More than
More than
Wear the watch on the
Wear the watch on the
outside of your wrist
outside of your wrist