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Call Alerts; Call Accessories; Ringtones And Keypad Tones - Samsung Galaxy S4 mini User Manual

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Call Alerts

Set options for sounds and vibrations to occur during calls.
1. Press
2. Touch Call alerts to configure options:
Vibrate on connection to network: Vibrate the phone when a call connects to the network.
Call-end vibration: Vibrate the phone when the other caller ends the call.
Call connect tone: Play a tone when the other caller answers a call.
Minute minder: Play once per minute during a call.
Call end tone: Play a tone when the other caller ends the call.
Alerts on call: Play notifications for alarms and new messages play during calls.

Call Accessories

Configure options for using a headset.
1. Press
2. Touch Call accessories to configure options:
Automatic answering: When enabled, and you have a headset connected to the Headset
Jack, incoming calls are answered automatically after a delay, which you can set at
Automatic answering timer. Touch to enable or disable the setting.
Automatic answering timer: Choose a time period to delay before automatically answering
an incoming call when Automatic answering is enabled and a headset is connected to the
phone. Touch to choose 2 seconds, 5 seconds, or 10 seconds.
Outgoing call conditions: When the phone is paired with a Bluetooth headset, you can
choose to make calls even when the phone is locked. Touch to choose Even when device
locked, or Only when device unlocked.

Ringtones and Keypad Tones

Choose tones and vibrations to play for incoming calls and keypad taps.
1. Press
2. Touch Ringtones and keypad tones to configure options:
Ringtones: Select a ringtone for incoming calls.
Vibrations: Select a vibration pattern for incoming calls when the Vibrate when ringing option
is enabled. You can touch Create to create a custom pattern.
Vibrate when ringing: Set a vibration for incoming calls.
and touch
> Settings > My device tab > Call.
and touch
> Settings > My device tab > Call.
and touch
> Settings > My device tab > Call.


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