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Low-voltage Directive; Measures To Be Taken To Satisfy The Low-voltage Directive - Toshiba VF-PS1 Instruction Manual

Variable torque inverter.
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[Operation with external signals]
When using signals from an external control device to operate the inverter, take the measures shown in Figure 3.
Ex.) When using the potentiometer and forward run/reverse run terminals
[Accessories for countermeasure]
□ Recommended shield cable
If it is difficult to procure shielded cables, protect cables with conduit tubes.
□ [Note 1] Recommended shield : SUMITOMO 3M Limited, Electromagnetic wave guard shielding sleeve
□ EMC filter
□ Recommended ferrite core 1
Use the following, as required.
□ Recommended ferrite core
□ Zero-phase reactor
□ High-attenuation radio noise reduction filter

9.1.3 Low-voltage directive

The low-voltage directive provides for the safety of machines and systems. All Toshiba inverters are CE-marked in
accordance with the standard IEC61800-5-1specified by the low-voltage directive, and can therefore be installed in
machines or systems and imported without a problem to European countries.
Applicable standard: IEC61800-5-1
Pollution level:
Overvoltage category: 3

9.1.4 Measures to be taken to satisfy the low-voltage directive

When incorporating the inverter into a machine or system, it is necessary to take the following measures so that the
inverter satisfies the low-voltage directive.
(1) Install the inverter in a cabinet and ground the inverter enclosure. When doing maintenance, be extremely careful
not to put your fingers into the inverter through a wiring hole and touch a charged part, which may occur depending
on the model and capacity of the inverter used.
(2) Do not connect two or more wires to the main circuit earth terminal of the inverter. If necessary, install an additional
earth terminal on the EMC plate on which the inverter is installed and connect another cable to it. (Refer to Fig. 4.)
See the table of section 10.1.
Shielded cable or [Note 1]
: Showa electric Wire & Cable Co., LTD
Type : CV-S
Rating : 600V or less
Cross-sectional area : 2~1000mm
Type : DS-5, 7, 10, 14
Type : EMF3 series
: TDK Corporation
Type : ZCAT3035-1330
: NEC TOKIN Corporation
Type : ESD-R-47D-1
: Soshin Electric Co., Ltd.
Type : RC5078 or RC9129
: Soshin Electric Co., Ltd.
Type : NF series
Adjustable speed electrical power drive system
2 (
200V class, 3.0mm (
400V class, 5.5mm (
Ferrite core 1
Fig. 3


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