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Recording In Parking Mode - Kenwood KCA-DR300 Instruction Manual

Gps integrated dashboard camera
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Emergency recording
By default, if an event happens, such as sudden impact, high-speed driving, an aggressive
turn or an accidental crash, the G sensor will prompt the recorder to start an emergency
ƒ If you want to manually start an emergency recording while continuous recording is in
progress, press
To stop emergency recording and resume continuous recording, press
ƒ The emergency recordings can be found in the "Emergency" category for file playback.

Recording in Parking mode

Your recorder supports parking recording function. Depending on how long the car is
parked, you may need an external power source (e.g. a power bank) to record the video
while the device's power cable is disconnected.
ƒ Parking mode is disabled by default. You have to enable the function by selecting
Settings Menu > Parking Mode > Detection > On.
ƒ Before enabling Park mode, please check your device memory storage allocation.
Go to Settings Menu > System > Storage allocation and use
a proper allocation for parking recording, and then press
allocation will erase the memory card, so save any videos or photos to your computer
ƒ When Parking mode is enabled and the device's power is disconnected (e.g. the
vehicle engine is stopped or the power cable is disconnected) or when the car stops
moving for 5 minutes*, the system will automatically activate Parking mode.
* The feature is triggered by the G sensor of the device. You can change the
configuration from Settings Menu > Parking Mode > Auto Entry.
ƒ If you want to manually activate Parking mode while continuous recording is in
progress, press
to save. Changing the
to set


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