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Makita 4303C Instruction Manual page 10

Electronic jig saw
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Front flush cuts
Loosen the bolt on the back of the base
with the hex wrench, then slide the base
backwards. Check the contact between the
back edge of the blade and the roller, then
secure the bolt.
Plunge cutting
Starting a cut a t other than the edge of the
workpiece without first drilling a starting
hole requires a "plunge cut". This can be
accomplished by tipping the tool forward
until the front end of the base rests against
the workpiece. Switch the tool on and
lower the back end of the tool slowly,
gradually allowing the blade to saw through
the workpiece until the base i s able to s i t
flat on the workpiece. You may then pro-
ceed forward with the cut in a normal
If using
drill for a starting hole, bore a
hole over 12 mm (1/2") in diameter. Then
insert the blade in
and proceed.
Finishing edges
To trim edges or make dimensional adjust-
ments run the blade lightly along the cut
For smoother cutting of plywood or other
workpieces with easily splintered surfaces,
transparent tape may be used over your
cutting line.