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Before You Callforservice - KitchenAid 5KSM150PSRWH0 User Manual

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Before You CallForService
Please readthefollowing before calling
3.Arethebowlandpouring shield* properly
yourservice center.
1.Themixermaywarmup during use.Under
heavy loadswithextended mixing time
periods, youmaynotbeableto comfortably
touchthetopof theunit. T hisisnormal.
2.Themixermayemita pungent odor,
especially whennew. T hisiscommon with
electric motors.
3. If flat beater s trikesbowl, s topthe mixer.
See"Beater-to-Bowl Clearance."
in place?
4.Model 5 KPM50 i s equipped w ithan
overload d evice, i f themixerisoverloaded,
theOverload R eset B utton wiii popoutand
themixerwillshutoff (seepage 7).Turnthe
Speed Control Lever t o OFF. Waita few
minutes, thenpushin theOverload R eset
Button. TurntheSpeed Control Lever t o the
desired speed andcontinue mixing.
if yourmixershouldmalfunctionor fail to
operate, p lease check the following:
1.isyourmixerplugged in?
2. Isthefuseinthecircuittothemixerin
working order? if youhavea circuitbreaker
box, b e surethecircuitisclosed.
Allservice should be handled locally byan
authorized K itchenAid Service Center. Contact
thedealer f romwhomtheunitwaspurchased
to obtain thenameofthenearest a uthorized
KitchenAid service facility.
*Included w ithsomemodels.
Specificationssubjectto changewithout notice.



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