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Precautions; Safeguarding The Environment; Packaging; Use - Electrolux AOS061ECR2 Instructions For Installation And Use Manual

Electric steam/convection and convection ovens
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• Before installing or using the appliance read this instruction
booklet carefully because it contains important information
concerning safety, operation and maintenance.
• Keep this instruction booklet in a safe place for future
consultation by other users or purchasers in the event that the
appliance is resold.
Installation and maintenance of the appliance
and its conversion to a different gas supply must only be
performed by a qualified installer authorised by the
• This appliance is intended for collective use and is expressly
designed for cooking food. Any other use is deemed improper.
The appliance must only be used by trained staff.
• This appliance is not intended for use by people (including
children) with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities or
without experience and knowledge of it, unless they are
supervised or instructed in its use by a person responsible for
their safety.
• Switch off the appliance if it breaks down or malfunctions.
• Only contact the technical service centre authorised by the
manufacturer for repairs and only use original spare parts.
Failure to comply with the above requirement may jeopardise
the safety of the appliance and invalidate the guarantee.
• Do not wash the appliance with water jets.
• Do not use products containing chlorine (bleach, hydrochloric
acid etc.) even diluted, to clean steel surfaces.
• Do not use corrosive substances (e.g. muriatic acid) to clean the
floor under the appliance.
• For more information, refer to the section on "Care and




• All the packaging materials used are environmentally friendly.
They may be stored at no risk or burnt at an authorised incineration
plant. Plastic materials suitable for recycling are marked with the
following symbols:
polyethylene : external wrapping film, instructions
polypropylene: top packaging panels and straps
expanded polystyrene: protective surround elements

4.2 USE

• The appliance has been designed and perfected under laboratory
testing conditions to offer exceptional levels of performance.
However, to minimise energy consumption (electricity, gas and
water), do not leave the appliance in operation for long periods
without food in the oven chamber and avoid conditions that
reduce efficiency (e.g. door open). We also recommend
preheating the appliance immediately prior to use.


• To minimise the emission of pollutants into the environment,
clean the appliance (externally and, where necessary, internally)
with products that are at least 90% biodegradable.


• The appliance must be disposed of properly at the end of its
service life.
• The appliance is made from more than 90% recyclable materials
(stainless steel, iron, aluminium, galvanised sheet steel, etc.).
These materials may therefore be scrapped in accordance with
local waste disposal regulations at a conventional recycling
• Make the appliance unusable by cutting off the power cord. Also
remove any compartment or interior closure device fitted on the
appliance to prevent persons from becoming trapped inside.
The symbol
on the product indicates that this product
should not be treated as domestic waste, but must be correctly
disposed of in order to prevent possible negative consequences
for the environment and the human health.
Regarding the recycling of this product, please contact the sales
agent or dealer of your product, your after-sales service or the
appropriate waste disposal service.
booklet bag and gas injectors bag



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