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KitchenAid Artisan 5KES100 User Instructions page 8

Espresso machine
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When the espresso boiler temperature gauge needle climbs
into the "
" zone, the espresso machine is ready to brew.
7. Remove the filter holder from the brew head by moving
the handle to the left. Place one level measure of ground
coffee (or a paper coffee pod) in the small filter basket, or
two measures of ground coffee in the large basket. Be sure
to use a fine espresso-style grind for your coffee.
8. Using the tamper, tamp the coffee down firmly with a
twisting motion. Make sure the surface of the coffee is as
level as possible. See "Leveling" and "Tamping" on pages 13
and 14 for details.
9. Sweep any excess grinds from the rim of the filter holder,
and insert the filter holder into the brew head.
10. Place one or two espresso cups on the drip plate under the
spouts of the filter holder. Press the "
espresso will start to flow into cups. When the desired
amount of espresso has been brewed, press the "
to stop brewing.
notE: Do not remove the filter holder when brewing.
11. The espresso machine is equipped with a 3-way solenoid
valve that instantly releases pressure in the brew group
when the water pump is switched off, so the filter holder
can be removed immediately after brewing. Remove the
filter holder by moving the handle to the left. When
knocking coffee grounds from the filter basket, avoid striking
the filter holder handle.
Brewing Espresso
12. After removing the filter holder, place a cup under the brew
13. To brew more espresso, repeat steps 6 through 12, but see
" Button, and
" Button
Barista tips
When brewing multiple cups:
1. Use a towel to clean and dry the filter basket before filling
2. To maintain the proper brewing temperature, it is important
head and press the "
" Button for a second or two. This
cleans the shower screen and flushes any coffee oils and
grounds that have migrated into the brew head.
the barista tips below.
with coffee. This will help insure even coffee extraction.
to keep the brew group warm, so:
• Do not rinse the filter holder with tap water – doing so
will cool the filter. It's best to wipe leftover grounds
from the filter with a towel.
• When you're busy with other tasks, like grinding coffee or
frothing milk, keep the empty filter holder warm by
attaching it to the brew head.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents