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Model 5Kes100; Espresso Machine Features - KitchenAid Artisan 5KES100 User Instructions

Espresso machine
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Table of Contents
O/I Power Switch
Power-On (I) Indicator
Espresso (
) Button
Brew Head
Filter holder
Water Tank
(in back)
Drip Tray Indicator
Drip Tray
Frothing Jug
o/i power switch
Press once to turn the espresso machine on, press again to turn
off. When on, the dual boilers begin heating and the
" and "
" buttons will function.
power-on (i) indicator
When the espresso machine is on, the indicator light will be
Espresso (
) Button
Press the "
" button to activate the water pump for brewing
espresso. To stop brewing, press the "

Model 5KEs100

Model 5KEs100
Espresso Machine
Coffee Scoop and
Shower-Screen Brush

Espresso Machine features

hot Water (
When the " " dial is open, press and hold the "
activate the water pump and dispense hot water from the
frothing arm. Pump shuts off automatically when the button is
steam (
To dispense steam or hot water through the frothing arm, open
the " " dial by turning it counter-clockwise. The volume of
steam is controlled by the dial position: rotate the dial counter-
clockwise for more steam, clockwise for less. To turn off steam,
close the "
" button a second time.
Cup Rail
Espresso (
Temperature Gauge
Hot Water (
Steam (
Frothing Arm &
Frothing (
Temperature Gauge
Filter Baskets
) Button
) Dial
" dial by rotating it clockwise until it stops.
) Boiler
) Dial
) Boiler
" button to


Table of Contents

Table of Contents