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Makita 6070D Instruction Manual page 3

Variable speed, reversible cordless driver drill
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AND WRENCHES. Form habit of checking to see that
keys and adjusting wrenches are removed from tool before turning it on.
15. AVOID UNINTENTIONAL STARTING. Don't carry plugged-in tool with finger on
switch. Be sure switch
OFF when plugging in.
16. OUTDOOR USE EXTENSION CORDS. When tool is used outdoors, use only exten-
sion cords intended for use outdoors and
17. STAY ALERT. Watch what you are doing, use common sense. Don't operate tool
when you are tired.
18. CHECK DAMAGED PARTS. Before further use of the tool, a guard or other part that
damaged should be carefully checked to determine that it will operate properly
and perform its intended function. Check for alignment of moving parts, binding of
moving parts, breakage of parts, mounting, and any other conditions that may
affect its operation. A guard or other part that
damaged should be properly
repaired or replaced by an authorized service center unless otherwise indicated
this instruction manual. Have defective switches replaced by autho-
rized service center. Don't use tool if switch does not turn it on and off.
19. GUARD AGAINST ELECTRIC SHOCK. Prevent body contact with grounded sur-
faces. For example: pipes, radiators, ranges, refrigerator enclosures.
20. REPLACEMENT PARTS. When servicing, use only identical replacement parts.
VOLTAGE WARNING: Before connecting the tool to a power source (receptacle, outlet,
etc.) be sure the voltage supplied is the same as that specified on the nameplate of the
tool. A power source with voltage greater than that specified for the tool can result in
SERIOUS INJURY to the user-as well as damage to the tool. If in doubt, DO NOT PLUG
IN THE TOOL. Using a power source with voltage less than the nameplate rating is
harmful to the motor.



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