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1 MB = 1,048,576 bytes / 1 GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes
Memory size of the factory default depends on the model. You can physically expand the memory up to 8
GB, but the total amount of usable memory available will be less depending on the actual system con-
1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes / 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Your operating system or some application soft-
ware will report as fewer GB.
Depending on the OS settings.
Selectable resolution depends on the specifications of the external display. Display may be impossible
using some connected external displays.
Only for model with wireless LAN.
Only for model with Bluetooth.
This slot is compatible with UHS- Ⅰ /UHS-Ⅱ. Operation has been tested and confirmed using Panasonic
SD/SDHC Memory Cards with a capacity of up to 64 GB. Operation on other SD equipment is not guar-
Does not guarantee operation of all USB-compatible peripherals.
Does not guarantee operation of all HDMI-compatible peripherals.
<Only for North America>
The AC adaptor is compatible with power sources up to 240 V AC adaptor. This computer is supplied
with a 125 V AC compatible AC cord.
Measured with LCD brightness : 60 cd/m
Varies depending on the usage conditions, or when an optional device is attached.
Varies depending on the usage conditions, CPU speed, etc.
Approx. 0.5 W when the battery pack is fully charged (or not being charged) and the computer is off.
<When using with 115 V AC>
Even when the AC adaptor is not connected to the computer, power is consumed (Max. 0.15 W) simply
by having the AC adaptor plugged into an AC outlet.
Rated power consumption.
Do not expose the skin to this product when using the product in a hot or cold environment.
(è OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS - Read Me First) When using in hot or cold environment, some pe-
ripherals may fail to work properly. Check the operation environment of the peripherals.
Using this product continuously in a hot environment will shorten the product life. Avoid use in these
types of environments. When using in low temperature environment, startup may become slow or battery
operation time may become short.
The computer consumes power when the hard disk is warming up during startup. Therefore, if you are
using battery power and the remaining power is low, the computer may not start up.
Operations of this computer are not guaranteed except for the pre-installed OS and the OS which is
installed by using the hard disk recovery and the recovery disc.
This system is preinstalled with Windows
Windows 8.1 Pro software. You may only use one version of the Windows software at a time. Switching
between versions will require you to uninstall one version and install the other version.
Depending on the models, this application software is not installed.
Must be installed before use.
To continue using this software after the end of the trial, purchase a license by following the on-screen
For information on Wireless Manager, refer to the "Supplementary Instructions for Wireless Manager
mobile edition" by the following procedure.
A Perform either of the following procedures.
Ÿ Right-click
Ÿ Click
B Click [Run], input "c:\util\wlprjct\Supplementary Instructions.pdf" then click [OK].
(Start) and input "c:\util\wlprjct\Supplementary Instructions.pdf" in [Search programs and files]
and press
Perform on the recovery disc.
Alternatively perform on the hard disk recovery partition.
These are speeds specified in IEEE802.11a+b+g+n+ac standards. Actual speeds may differ.
Available when set to "WPA-PSK", "WPA2-PSK" or "none".
Only available when HT40 enabled by the computer and access point which associated supports HT40.
at the bottom left corner of the Desktop screen.
on the Start screen.
7 Professional software and also comes with a license for


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