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Handling And Maintenance - Panasonic CF-54 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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Handling and Maintenance

Operation environment
l Place the computer on a flat stable surface not subject to shock, vibration, and danger of
dropping. Do not place the computer upright or turn it over. If the computer is exposed to an
extremely strong impact, it may become damaged.
l Operating environment
Temperature: Operation
Even within the above temperature/humidity ranges, operation for a long time in extreme en-
vironments, smoking nearby, or operation in places where oil is used or where there is a lot of
dust will result in the product deterioration and will shorten the product life.
Do not expose the skin to this product when using the product in a hot or cold environment.
If the computer is wet in temperatures of 0 °C {32 °F} or below, freeze damage may occur. Make sure to
dry off the computer in such temperatures.
l Do not place the computer in the following areas, otherwise the computer may be damaged.
Ÿ Near electronic equipment. Image distortion or noise may occur.
Ÿ In extremely high or low temperature.
l As the computer can become hot during operation, keep it away from items that are sensitive
to heat.
Handling cautions
This computer is designed to minimize shock to parts such as the LCD and the hard disk drive
and equipped with a drip-proof keyboard, but no warranty is provided against any trouble caused
by shock. Be extremely careful when handling the computer.
l When carrying the computer:
Ÿ Turn off the computer.
Ÿ Remove all external devices, cables, PC Cards and other protruding objects.
Ÿ Remove a disc in the CD/DVD drive (Only for model with CD/DVD drive).
Ÿ Do not drop or hit the computer against solid objects.
Ÿ Do not leave the display open.
Ÿ Do not grip the display part.
l Do not put anything (e.g., a piece of paper) between the display and keyboard.
l When you board an airplane, take the computer with you and never put it in your checked lug-
gage. When using the computer on airplane, follow the airline's instructions.
l When carrying a spare battery, put it in a plastic bag to protect its terminals.
l The touchpad is designed to be used by finger tip. Do not place any object on its surface and
do not press down strongly with sharp-pointed or hard objects that may leave marks (e.g.,
nails, pencils and ball point pens).
l Avoid any harmful substances such as oil from getting into the touchpad. The pointer may not
work correctly.
l Be careful not to get injured by dropping or getting hit when carrying the computer.
<Only for model with touchscreen>
l Use only the pen (optional) to touch the screen. Do not place any object on its surface and do
not press down strongly with sharp-pointed or hard objects that may leave marks (e.g., nails,
pencils and ball point pens).
l Do not use the screen when dust or dirt (e.g., oil) is on the screen. Otherwise foreign particles
on the screen/pen (optional) can scratch the screen surface or obstruct the pen (optional)
: -10 °C to 50 °C {14 °F to 122 °F} (IEC60068-2-1, 2)
: -20 °C to 60 °C {- 4 °F to 140 °F}
: 30% to 80% RH (No condensation)
: 30% to 90% RH (No condensation)

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Table of Contents

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