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Maintenance And Cleaning - KitchenAid KSDX 1440 User Instructions

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Maintenance and cleaning

never using steam cleaners.
Important: Do not use detergents containing soda,
acids or chlorides, abrasive detergents (powder or
cream), abrasive sponges (e.g. scouring pads) or
sponges containing residuals of abrasive detergents,
detergents that dissolve scale, dishwasher
detergents, oven sprays.
Warming drawer exterior
• Clean with a damp cloth. If very dirty, add a few
drops of washing up liquid to the water. Dry
with a dry cloth.
• Do not use corrosive or abrasive detergents,
otherwise dull areas will form. If one of these
products accidentally comes into contact with
the warming drawer, clean it immediately with a
damp cloth.
• Slight differences in color on the front of the
appliance are due to the use of different
materials, such as glass, plastic and metal.
Tempered glass drawer base
It is advisable to clean the bottom of the drawer
after each use, making sure to let it cool. This will
prevent the build-up of dirt and make cleaning
• Use a clean cloth, paper towels and washing up
liquid, or specific products for cleaning the
tempered glass.
• Do not use abrasive products, bleach, oven
cleaner spray or metallic scouring pads.


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