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Electrical Connection - KitchenAid KSDX 1440 User Instructions

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Electrical connection

Contact a qualified technician to carry out the
appliance electrical connection.
before connecting the warming drawer to the
household electrical system to check its operation,
always make sure the drawer power cable is
correctly fitted and that it is NOT pinched or
caught under or behind the drawer or any coupled
power cable replacement must be done by the
After-Sales Service or a qualified technician, with a
cable having the same characteristics as the one
provided by the manufacturer (H05RR-F 3x0.75
or higher).
Before electrically connecting the appliance, make
sure the mains power supply matches the rating
plate data.
If in doubt, contact a qualified technician.
Contact a qualified technician familiar with the
local regulations and the additional regulations
issued by the local utility company, and that the
work is carried out in compliance with the same.
Important: Make sure the appliance is connected
to an approved ground wire, to ensure electrical
safety. If necessary, have the system checked by a
specialized technician. The manufacturer declines
any liability in case of injury or damage resulting
from the lack of or disconnection of the ground
The ground connection is compulsory by law.
The appliance is designed to be used only when
correctly fitted.
Never open the appliance enclosure. In case of
contact with live wires or if the electrical and
mechanical structure is changed, malfunctioning of
the appliance may occur when in use.
If installation, maintenance or repairs are not
carried out correctly, there can be risks for the user.
The manufacturer declines any liability for such
damage or injury.
During the warranty period, repairs must only be
carried out by the authorized technical service,
otherwise the warranty right is lost.
Installation, repair work and cleaning should be
done only after making sure the appliance is
disconnected from the power supply.
The appliance is disconnected from the power
supply in the following cases:
- operating the main electrical system omnipolar
- operating the main electrical system safety
For connection to the power supply, a separation
device for each pole must be arranged by the
Separation devices are switches with contact gap of
at least 3 mm.
The data necessary for the connection is given on
the rating plate. This data must match that of the
power supply.
The manufacturer declines any liability in case
of injury or damage resulting from incorrect
installation, improper or incorrect use of the
The manufacturer also declines any liability for
damage (e.g. electric shock) caused by the lack
of or disconnection of the ground wire.
The following cables can be used with this type of
H05RR-F 3x0.75 mm²
H05VV-F 3x0.75 mm²
H05RN-F 3x0.75 mm²
H05V2V2-F 3x0.75 mm²
H05RR-F 3x1.5 mm²
H05VV-F 3x1.5 mm²
H05RN-F 3x1.5 mm²
H05V2V2-F 3x1.5 mm²


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