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Important Safety Instructions - KitchenAid KSDX 1440 User Instructions

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Important safety instructions

This manual and the appliance itself provide important safety messages, to be read and observed at all
This is the safety alert symbol, warning of potential risks for the user and for others.
All safety messages will be preceded by the alert symbol and the following words:
All safety messages specify the potential hazard/warning to which they refer and indicate how to reduce
the risk of injury, damage and electric shocks resulting from incorrect use of the appliance. Make sure to
comply with the following indications:
• The warming drawer must not be used by
children or infirm persons without supervision.
• Make sure children do not play with the
appliance, as they could accidentally press the
On button, thereby activating the dish warming
drawer: danger of scalding.
• Accessible parts of the warming drawer can
become hot during use, therefore keep children
away from the appliance.
• Do not use abrasive materials or substances to
clean the GLASS.
• The warming drawer is designed exclusively for
household use to warm dishes. No other use is
allowed. The Manufacturer declines any liability
for uses different from those specified or for
incorrect setting of the controls.
• Any repairs or maintenance must only be
carried out by a qualified technician.
• Make sure the appliance is properly fixed to the
cabinet with the appropriate screws supplied.
• Avoid exposure of the warming drawer to
atmospheric agents.
• Do not lean or sit on the open drawer, otherwise
the telescopic carriage will become damaged.
• The max. load capacity of the drawer is 25 kg.
• Do not cover the bottom of the warming drawer
with aluminum foil or other materials.
• Do not pour water directly into the warming
• Dragging dishes in the warming drawer can
scratch the bottom.
Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,
will cause serious injury.
Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,
could cause serious injury.
• If the tempered glass surface breaks or cracks
due to a violent impact (falling objects, etc.), do
not use it: contact the After-Sales Service
• Residual condensate could eventually damage
the warming drawer and surrounding cabinets. It
is advisable to:
- dry the wet parts when the warming drawer is
• Do not touch the warming drawer with wet parts
of the body and do not use it when barefoot.
• Do not pull the power cable to unplug it.
• Keep children away from the product and the
packing materials, to avoid interaction with
them, if not properly supervised.
• Make sure the electrical cables of other
appliances used near the warming drawer do not
come into contact with its hot parts.
• Do not store plastic or flammable objects in the
warming drawer. When operating the appliance,
such objects can melt or catch fire.
• To remove the dishes, use suitable gloves.
• Never insert anything (e.g. screwdrivers, pointed
objects, paper, etc.) through the openings of the
heating element and fan protection grilles.
• This appliance must not be used by people
(including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or by
inexperienced users, unless they have been
adequately trained in this regard by a person
responsible for their safety.


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