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Black & Decker MZ2000P User Manual page 8

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The roller support and oven cavity should
be cleaned regularly. The cavity should be
cleaned with a damp cloth & a mild
detergent & dried thoroughly. The roller ring
should be washed in warm sudsy water or
in a dish washer.
Note: To prevent damage to the operating
parts inside the oven, water should not be
allowed to enter the ventilation slots.
Do not use detergents, abrasives or
spray-on cleaners on the control Panel.
Do not allow the Control Panel to become
Detergents or abrasives must never be
Odours can be removed from the oven by
combining a cup of water with the juice
and skin of one lemon in a deep microwave-
Technical data
Microwave Power Output
Operation Frequency
External Dimensions
Cavity Dimensions
Oven Capacity
Unit weight
able bowl. Microwave for 5 minutes, and
dry the cavity thoroughly with a soft cloth.
Radio Interference
A microwave oven may interfere with the
normal operation of radio, TV, or similar
equipment. Should such interference
occur, the following steps should be
• Clean the door and sealing surface of
the oven.
• Place the radio, TV, etc. as far away
from the microwave oven as possible.
• Ensure the antenna fitted to the radio,
TV, etc is correctly fitted & receiving a
strong signal.
• Plug the microwave oven into a different
socket outlet
: 240V~50Hz
: 700W
: 2,450MHz
: 258mm x 340mm x 440mm (HxDxW)
: 209.2mm x 291.6mm x 306mm (HxDxW)
: 20 litres
: 10.0 kg