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Black & Decker MZ2000P User Manual page 7

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Use (Fig. C)
Place the food to be cooked onto a
suitable container. Press the door release
(10) to open the oven door then place the
container onto the glass tray (8).
Close the door (2) & rotate the power
control (6) to select the required power
The power settings available are:
Rotate the timer / weight defrost control (5)
to the required cooking time.
If a cooking time less than 5 minutes is
required, turn the timer past 5 minutes, and
rotate it anti-clockwise to the actual time
Once cooking has completed, an audible
signal will be heard. Open the door &
remove the cooked food.
Always use oven gloves when removing
items from the oven.
If the door of the oven is opened during
cooking, the microwave oven will automati-
cally stop working. Cooking will continue
after re-closing the door.
If the remaining cooking time is not
required, rotate the timer back to "0" (Off)
before closing the door to prevent the oven
operating when empty.
Operating the oven when empty could
damage the oven.
To stop the oven during operation, return
the timer to the "0" (Off) position.
To defrost frozen items, first check the
weight of the item.
Rotate the power control (6) to select the
"M.Low" setting. The defrost cycle will start
once the timer is turned.
Rotate the Timer / Weight Defrost control (5)
to the weight of the item.
Always check that food is thoroughly
defrosted before cooking.
Operating times and preparations
Follow directions on food packaging.
Switching on and off
The microwave will start to cook once the
timer / weight (5) defrost is turned.
To stop the oven during operation, return
the timer to the "0" (Off) position.
Cleaning and maintenance
The oven should be cleaned regularly and
any food deposits removed
Failure to maintain the oven in a clean
condition could lead to deterioration of the
surface that could adversely affect the life of
the appliance and possibly result in a
hazardous situation
Turn the oven off and disconnect from the
power supply before cleaning.
The outside oven surface & control panel
should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
When cleaning surfaces of door, door seal,
cavity of the oven, use only mild,
non-abrasive soaps, or detergents applied
with a sponge or soft cloth.
The glass tray can be washed in warm
sudsy water or in a dishwasher & dried with
a clean cloth.