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Human Sensor (Energy Saving; General Informations On Operation - Fujitsu 9-12-15RLS3 Operating Manual

Wall mounted type ac
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Human Sensor (Energy Saving)

To prevent waste of electricity, this function controls the temperature
setting when no one is occupying the room. Energy Saving program is
on at the time of purchase.
To activate the Energy Saving program, press the SENSOR button.
indicator will be fl ashing on the remote controller
To deactivate the Energy Saving program, press the SENSOR
button again.
will no longer be shown on the remote controller
About the ENERGY SAVING Operation
If no one enters the room for approximately 20 minutes, the set
temperature will be automatically controlled.
(When someone comes back into the room, the human sensor will
detect this, and automatically revert to the original settings.)
(if there is no one in the room for a while)
The set temperature will be increased by a maximum of
approximately 4°F (2°C).
The set temperature will be decreased by a maximum
of approximately 8°F (4°C).
This runs the ENERGY SAVING function automatically
for the selected mode (Cooling/ Heating/ Drying).
● When using together with the SLEEP timer (page 6), the SLEEP
timer will be prioritized.
● During MIN. HEAT operation, if there is no one in the room the set
temperature will not be changed.

General Informations on Operation

Automatic defrosting operation
When outdoor temperature is very low with high humidity, frost
may form on the outdoor unit during the heating operation, and
it could reduce the operating performance of the product.
For frost protection, a microcomputer-controlled automatic
defrost function is equipped in this air conditioner.
If frost forms, the air conditioner will temporarily stop, and
defrost circuit will operate briefl y (maximum of 15 minutes.)
OPERATION indicator on the indoor unit blinks during this
If frost forms on the outdoor unit after the heating operation, the
outdoor unit will stop automatically after it operates for a few
minutes. Then the automatic defrosting operation starts.
Operating details
● Application range is follows.
Vertical angle 90° (Side view)
22 ft (7 m)
ENERGY SAVING function may not work when the room temperature is
very different from the temperature defi ned in temperature setting, such
as when immediately after starting the operation.
Details about detection with the human sensor
The human sensor detects whether there are people in the room
by looking for movement by people in the room.
Since the human sensor detects infrared light given out by
people, there may be cases where this detection is incorrect.
Situations in which the sensor will detect no people in the
room, even when there is someone there
When the temperature is high and the difference with be-
tween people's body temperature is small.
(Such as during the summer when the temperature is 88°F
(30°C) or higher)
When there is someone in the room, but they do not move
for a long period of time.
When someone is hidden behind a sofa, other furniture,
glass, or in similar situations.
When someone is wearing extremely thick clothing and has
their back facing the sensor.
Situations in which the sensor will incorrectly detect people
in the room, even when there is no one there
When there is a dog or a cat moving around in the room.
When the wind is making curtains or plants move.
When there are heating units, humidifi ers, or electric appli-
ances such as oscillating electric fans operating.
Auto-restart function
In event of power interruption such as a blackout, the air
conditioner stops once. But it restarts automatically and
performs previous operation when the power supply is resumed.
If any power interruption occurs after the timer is set, counting
down of the timer will be reset.
After the power supply is resumed, the TIMER indicator on the
indoor unit blinks to notify you that there has been a timer fault.
In such a case, reset the timer for your opportune time.
Malfunctions caused by other electrical devices:
Use of other electrical appliances such as an electric shaver or
nearby use of a wireless radio transmitter may cause the malfunction
of the air conditioner.
If you encounter such a malfunction, turn off the circuit breaker once.
Then turn it on again, and resume operation by using the remote
Horizontal angle 100° (Top view)
22 ft
(7 m)

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