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Section E; Help Guide; Helpful Hints; Fault Display Indications - Electrolux 102 Use And Care Manual

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Table of Contents

Section E:

a. Helpful Hints
• We recommend that you buy kitchen equipment which is dishwasher safe.
• Using your dishwasher over a long time may discolour or fade some types of
dishes (e.g. ones with the pattern on top of the glaze) and aluminium saucepans.
• If you often wash lead crystal glass, they will become opaque (not clear).
• If you take more than one day to fill the dishwasher, rinse your dishes by using
the "Rinse" program at the end of the first day.
• Do not use steel wool, aerosol or solvent cleaners on any part of your dishwasher.
• Do not use lumpy or stale detergent. It will give you a poor wash.
• If you do not intend using your dishwasher for several weeks:
1. open the door a little
2. switch off the power
3. turn off the water supply.
b. Problem Solving
Please refer to your Warranty card for a full description of problems and Solutions
For the 302 and 403 models, if your dishwasher stops during a cycle, a fault condition
will be indicated on the display and the controller will "beep" every two seconds.
Once the fault has been rectified, press the ON/OFF button. The wash program
will continue.
Not filling
Repeating single beep
Not Draining
Repeating double beep
Repeating triple beep
Electrical Fault Repeating 5 beeps

Help Guide

" Displayed
I 10
" Displayed
" Displayed
" Displayed
Check water supply and tap.
Check inlet hose filter.
Check drain hose for kinks.
Check sink trap spigot for blockage.
Check filters and clean if dirty.
Turn off water tap and power.
Call service.
Turn off water tap and power.
Call service.

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Table of Contents

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