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Filling The Rinse Aid Dispenser; Adjusting The Rinse Aid Dispenser - Electrolux 102 Use And Care Manual

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e. Filling the Rinse Aid Dispenser
Rinse Aid is a wetting agent which is essential for good drying performance.
It also helps stop streaks and spots showing on your dishware.
The Rinse Aid Dispenser should always contain Rinse Aid, unless you are using
combination tablets. It will dispense a measured amount every time you
wash your dishes.
The dispenser can hold enough rinse aid (125 ml) for many washes. The
level indicator will turn clear when you need to refill it.
To fill the dispenser:
- unscrew the round cap anticlockwise, and
- fill it with a good quality rinse aid
Do not overfill the dispenser
Make sure that you close the cap firmly after you fill the dispenser.
f. Adjusting the Rinse Aid Dispenser
If your local water is harder or softer than normal, you can change how much
rinse aid you use in the following ways: (See photographs below)
- Choose a higher number if there are drops of water or fog that looks like
chalk on the glassware.
- Choose a lower number if the glassware is smeared at the end of a program.

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