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Section B; Loading Your Dishwasher; Points To Remember - Electrolux 102 Use And Care Manual

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Section B:


Points to Remember:

• Always make sure that nothing is stopping the spray arms from moving. Spin
them by hand before closing the door.
• Do not put large articles at the front of the lower basket. They could stop the
detergent dispenser from operating.
• Your dishwasher is not a waste disposal unit so please take care to remove
all large food scraps from your dishes before loading in the dishwasher.
• Carefully place bowls, etcetera, so that water can drain away.
• Place crockery and glassware so that they do not touch. This will stop them
• Place cutlery in the basket, some up, some down to get the best wash. Separate
cutlery of different materials, e.g. stainless steel and silver, into different
compartments. Load sharp pointed knives with the point down for safety
• Do not use your dishwasher for cutlery with wooden or bone handles. Do not
wash items that have glued parts. Long periods in hot water will damage them.
• You can wash most good quality plastics in dishwashers. However, do not
force them into racks or they will change shape. Do not put items that soften
at temperatures of 65 degrees centigrade and over into the dishwasher.
• You can wash most family breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes in one load. We
suggest that you turn on your dishwasher just before you go to bed every night.
• Make sure that there are no particles of steel wool scouring pads on your
dishes. These may cause rust marks on stainless steel.
• Some models will have fold down racks in the bottom basket.
- To lay the racks down, lift as shown from the catch holding them upright.

Loading Your Dishwasher


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