Emergency Return To Port Capability - Honda iST Owner's Manual

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Emergency Return to Port Capability

In the event of complete iST system malfunction,
the engine can be manually shifted and the throttle
manually operated to provide emergency "Return to
Port" capability. This procedure should only be used
when no other options for safe return are available.
Great care should be taken to ensure operator and
passenger safety when performing this operation.
To access the shift and throttle actuators it is necessary
to remove the engine upper cowling. The iST system
must be completely disabled prior to performing any of
the following steps. To disable the iST system, remove
the fuse from the iST power harness located to the port
side of the engine fuse box (see diagram below).
With engine running and in neutral, the shift actuator
can be manually operated by using a flat screwdriver
(supplied in engine tool kit) to turn the screw located
in the starboard side end cap of the shift actuator (See
diagram to the right). To engage forward gear (starting
from neutral ) turn the actuator screw clockwise until
it stops (approximately 7 full turns). Make sure to turn the
actuator screw until is stops. The engine must be running
to perform this operation, as the engine will not start once
it is in gear.
Sudden throttle application could result in
a person falling overboard. A person falling
overboard could be injured by the propeller
or vessel hull.
Warn all occupants before manually engaging
the shift or throttle, and then gently apply
With the engine running and in gear, the throttle can be
controlled by manually moving the cam on the throttle body
located on the top port side of the engine (See diagram to
the right). Care should be taken not to use excessive throttle
when performing this emergency procedure. When in this
operating mode, maneuvering, transmission and throttle
response will be adversely affected, great care should be
taken to ensure sufficient maneuvering room to avoid
injuring yourself or others , your vessel or other vessels
nearby when performing this operation.
The boat should be taken to an authorized Honda Marine
dealer to have the reason for the failure diagnosed and the
engine repaired.
to increase speed
This procedure should only be used when
no other means of safe return are available!



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