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Before Assuming Malfunction Of The Calculator; Replacing The Battery - Casio fx-570AR X User Manual


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• An attempt to generate a number table in the Table Mode whose
conditions cause it to exceed the maximum number of allowable rows.
• During batch input in the Spreadsheet Mode, input for Range is outside
the allowable range or is a cell name that does not exist.
→ Narrow the table calculation range by changing the Start, End, and
Step values, and try again.
→ For Range, input a cell name within the range of A1 through E45, using
the syntax: "A1:A1".
Time Out
• The current differential or integration calculation ends without the ending
condition being fulfilled.
→ Try increasing the tol value. Note that this also decreases solution
Circular ERROR (Spreadsheet Mode only)
• There is a circular reference (such as "=A1" in cell A1) in the
→ Change cell contents to remove the circular references.
Memory ERROR (Spreadsheet Mode only)
• You are attempting to input data that exceeds the allowable input
capacity (1700 bytes).
• You are attempting to input data that results in a chain of consecutive cell
references (such as cell A2 referenced from cell A1, cell A3 referenced
from cell A2..., etc.) This type of input always causes this error to be
generated, even if memory capacity (1700 bytes) is not exceeded.
• Memory capacity was exceeded because a formula that includes a
relative cell reference was copied, or because of batch input of formulas
that use relative cell references.
→ Delete unneeded data and input data again.
→ Minimize input that results in a chain of consecutive cell references.
→ Shorten the formula being copied or the formulas being batch input.
Before Assuming Malfunction of the
Note that you should make separate copies of important data before
performing these steps.
1. Check the calculation expression to make sure that it does not contain
any errors.
2. Make sure that you are using the correct mode for the type of
calculation you are trying to perform.
3. If the above steps do not correct your problem, press the  key.
• This will cause the calculator to perform a routine that checks
whether calculation functions are operating correctly. If the calculator
discovers any abnormality, it automatically initializes the calculation
mode and clears memory contents.
4. Return the calculation mode and setup (except Language and Contrast
settings) to their initial default settings by performing the following
operation: (RESET)(Setup Data)(Yes).

Replacing the Battery

A low battery is indicated by a dim display, even if contrast is adjusted, or
by failure of figures to appear on the display immediately after you turn on
the calculator. If this happens, replace the battery with a new one.

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