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GE 25993 User Manual page 6

Low-profile hd amplified antenna
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Antenna helpful tips
Maximize the number of channels you receive by
placing the antenna in several different locations
to see which location provides the best reception
and the maximum number of channels. Be sure
to run a new channel scan on your TV in each
position. Refer to the instruction manual that came
with your TV if you are not sure how to do this.
Position or mount the antenna as high as possible
or near a window for best performance.
Connect the antenna to your TV using the
amplifier provided as described in the installation
section. This will enhance reception for most
users. However, depending on your location and
signal environment, the antenna may work best
without the amplifier. If you are having trouble with
reception, you may try removing the amplifier and
connecting the antenna directly to the TV.
Visit or and
look for the DTV Reception Maps to determine the
available television stations and location of the
broadcast towers in your area.
Made in China
GE is a trademark of the General Electric Company
and is under license by Jasco Products Company LLC,
10 E. Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73114.
This Jasco product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
Visit for details.
Questions? Contact us at 1-800-654-8483
between 7:30AM—5:00PM CST.


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