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Electrical Safety; Double Insulation; Assembly And Adjustment - Black & Decker BPSP125 Original Instructions Manual

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12. Only hold the tool by its insulated gripping surface
when the diamond wheel is likely to cut through
concealed wires or its own cord. If the diamond wheel
touches a "live" wire, the exposed metal parts of the
power tool may be charged and thus cause electric
shock to the operator.
13. Be extra cautious when "blind cutting" through walls
or other blind areas because the diamond wheel may
cut into gas or water piping, wires, or resilient objects.
Warning: Always plug extension cord into a
PRCD protected outlet.
Warning: Test PRCD before each use:
1. Plug PRCD into power outlet. Indicator should turn red.
2. Press test button. Red indicator should disappear.
3. Press reset button for use. Do not use if above test fails.
The label on your tool may include the following symbols:
V ........Volts
A ........Amperes
Hz ........Hertz
W ........Watts
min ........minutes
........ Alternating current
........ Direct current
........No load speed
........Class II Double insulation
........Safety alert symbol
.../min ........Revolutions or reciprocations per

Double Insulation

The tool is double insulated. This means that all
the external metal parts are electrically insulated
from the mains power supply. This is done by placing
insulated barriers between the electrical and mechanical
components so as to make it unnecessary for the tool to be
earthed. Note: Double insulation does not take the place of
normal safety precautions when operating this tool. The
insulation system is for added protection against injury
resulting from a possible electrical insulation failure within
the tool.
Read instruction manual before use.
Wear eye protection.

Electrical Safety

Always check that the power supply corresponds to the
voltage on the rating plate.
Using an Extension Cable
An extension cable should not be used unless absolutely
necessary. Use of an improper extension cable could result in
a risk of fire and electric shock. If an extension cable must be
used, use only those that are approved by the country's
electrical authority. Make sure that the extension cable is in
good condition before using. Always use the cable that is
suitable for the power input of your tool (see technical data
on name plate). The minimum conductor size is 1.5mm
Parts (Fig. A)
This tool is designed especially for cutting tiles and stones.
1. On/Off switch
2. Lock-on button
3. Butterfly screw
4. Base
5. Brush cap
6. Socket wrench
7. Spanner
8. Water tubing connector
9. Water tubing
10. Water tubing adapter
11. PRCD
12. Diamond Wheel

Assembly and Adjustment

Prior to assembly and adjustment, always unplug the tool.
Installing & Removing the Diamond Wheel (Fig. C)
Insert the diamond wheel (12) to the spindle. Grip outside
flange with spanner (7) and turn the screw counterclockwise
with the socket wrench (6). Be sure to tighten clamp blot
securely. Use only the recommended diamond wheel with the
correct hole size.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents