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English - Kenwood KN600 series Instructions Manual

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Read these instructions carefully and retain
for future reference.
Remove all packaging including the plastic
blade cover from the blades. The blade
cover should be retained and refitted when
not in use.
Always switch off and unplug before inserting
or removing the blades and before cleaning.
The blades are sharp, handle with care. Hold
the blades by their handles away from the
cutting edge, both when handling and
During slicing keep hands etc and utensils
well away from the cutting blades.
Do not use if there is any visible damage to
the appliance.
Never use an unauthorised attachment.
Never leave the appliance unattended when
connected to the power supply.
Never use a damaged appliance. Get it
checked or repaired: see 'service and
customer care'.
Don't let excess cord hang over the edge of
a table or worktop or touch hot surfaces.
Never misuse your electric knife and only use
it for its intended domestic use.
Never let the power unit, cord or plug get
Never exert excessive force when slicing
Only use the freezer blades (larger teeth)
supplied with the KN650 to slice partially
thawed or lightly frozen food.

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