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Cup Support Clip; Small Accessories Holder - Siemens SN 56N591 Operating Instructions Manual

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Cup support clip *

* depending on model
When washing cups, the cup support clip
can be folded up. The additional inclined
position reduces the accumulation
of water on the underside of the cup.
In the case of tall glasses
it is recommended to fold down
the cup support clip.

Small accessories holder *

* depending on model
Light-weight plastic accessories, e.g. cups,
lids, etc. can be held securely in the small
accessories holder.
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Adjusting the height of the basket
The height of the upper utensils basket
1* can be adjusted in 3 stages to create
more space either in the upper or lower
Appliance height 81.5 cm
Setting 1 max. ø
Setting 2 max. ø
Setting 3 max. ø
Appliance height 86.5 cm
Setting 1 max. ø
Setting 2 max. ø
Setting 3 max. ø
– Pull out the top basket 1* out.
– To lower the basket, press in the left
and then the right lever on the outside
of the basket. In doing so, hold the
sides of the basket along the upper
edge to prevent it from suddenly
– To raise the basket, hold the basket on
the sides of the upper edge and lift it
– Before re-inserting the basket again,
ensure that it is at the same height on
both sides. Otherwise, the appliance
door cannot be closed and the upper
spray arm will not be connected to the
water circuit.
Top basket
16 cm
30 cm
18.5 cm
27.5 cm
21 cm
25 cm
Top basket
18 cm
33 cm
20.5 cm
30.5 cm
23 cm
28 cm



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