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Delivery; Installation; Waste-Water Connection; Fresh-Water Connection - Siemens SN 56M531 Instructions For Use And Safety


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Do not install the appliance near heat
sources (radiators, heat storage tanks,
cookers or other appliances which
generate heat) and do not install under
a hob.
After installing the appliance, ensure
that the plug is easily accessible.
Some models:
The plastic housing on the water
connection contains an electric valve,
the connecting cables are in the supply
hose. Do not cut through this hose,
do not immerse the plastic housing
in water.
If the appliance is not in a cavity and
a side panel is accessible, the door hinge
area must be covered at the side for
reasons of safety (risk of injury).
The covers are available as optional
accessories from customer service
or specialist outlets.


Your dishwasher has been checked
thoroughly in the factory to ensure that it
is in working order. This may cause small
water stains. These will disappear after the
first wash cycle.


The required installation dimensions can
be found in the installation instructions.
Level the appliance with the aid of the
height-adjustable feet. Ensure that the
appliance is situated securely on the floor.
A built-under or integrated appliance
which is installed subsequently as
a free-standing appliance must be
secured to prevent it from overturning,
e.g. by screwing it to the wall or by
installing it under a continuous worktop
which is screwed to adjacent
Downloaded from Manuals
The appliance can easily be installed
in a fitted kitchen between wooden and
plastic walls. If the plug is not freely
accessible following installation,
an allpole disconnector with a contact
opening of at least 3 mm must be fitted
on the installation side to satisfy the
relevant safety regulations.

Waste-water connection

The required work sequence can be
found in the installation instructions.
If required, fit a siphon with an drainage
Connect the waste-water hose to the
drainage connection of the siphon with
the enclosed parts.
Ensure that the drainage hose is not
kinked, crushed or twisted and that
there is no cover plate in the drainage
to prevent the waste water from flowing

Fresh-water connection

Connect the fresh-water connection
to the tap according to the installation
instructions with the enclosed parts.
Ensure that the fresh-water connection
is not kinked, crushed or twisted.
When replacing the appliance,
always use a new water supply hose.
Water pressure:
at least 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar), maximum
1 MPa (10 bar). At a higher water
pressure: connect pressure-reducing
valve ahead.
Inlet rate:
minimum 10 litres/minute
Water temperature:
cold water preferred; hot water max.
temp. 60 °C.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents