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Kenwood CH590 Instructions Manual page 4

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200ml bowl
Use the 200ml bowl for processing
smaller quantities.
to use your food
1 Place the required bowl on a clean,
flat surface.
Note: The two bowls cannot
be operated together. The
200ml bowl can be placed on
top of the 500mls for storage
2 Fit the knife blade over the locating
3 Cut the food into suitably sized
pieces and place in the bowl. Larger
pieces of food should be cut into
approximately 1 to 2cm pieces.
4 Fit the cover and turn clockwise to
lock into place
5 Place the power unit onto the cover.
6 Connect to the power supply and
press down on the speed selector to
select the desired speed. When
operating the power unit, hold it
firmly on the cover and bowl.
Press the speed selector lightly to
obtain speed 1.
Press the speed selector firmly to
obtain speed 2.
Alternatively the speed selector may
be pressed down for short periods
of time to produce a pulsing action.
This can be used to avoid over
processing food.
7 Operate the food chopper until the
desired result is achieved.
8 Reverse the above procedure to
dismantle the unit.
If preparing food for babies or young
children, always check that the
ingredients are thoroughly blended
before feeding.
Do not run the food chopper
continuously for longer than 10
seconds. Leave to cool for 1 minute
in between each 10 second
Do not operate the food chopper if
the bowl is empty.
Never operate the food chopper with
the bowl filled with liquid.
Always allow hot food to cool before
If the chopper labours, remove some
of the mixture and continue
processing in several batches,
otherwise you may strain the motor.
Remember that chopping hard foods
such as coffee beans, spices,
chocolate or ice will wear the knife
blades faster.
Beware of over processing some
ingredients. Stop and check the
consistency frequently.
Various spices such as cloves, dill
and cumin seeds can have an
adverse effect on the plastic of your
food chopper.
To ensure even processing, stop and
scrape down any food from the side
of the bowl with a plastic spatula.
The best results are obtained by
chopping small quantities at one
Cut larger pieces of food into 1-2cm
pieces. A large load or large pieces
may cause uneven results.
Before chopping nuts, herbs,
breadcrumbs etc, ensure that both
the food and the blade, bowl and
cover are thoroughly dry.