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Kenwood KHH30 multizone Instruction Manual page 9

Food processor
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3 To loosen and allow adjustment of the shaft
rotate the nut clockwise using a 15mm spanner
(not supplied in pack).
To lower the beater closer to the bottom of the
bowl, turn the beater shaft clockwise.
To raise the beater away from the bottom of the
bowl turn the shaft anticlockwise.
4 Tighten the nut by turning anticlockwise.
5 Fit the beater and lower the mixer head. Check its
position (see point 2). Repeat the above steps as
necessary until the beater is set correctly. Once this
is achieved tighten the nut securely.
Note: If the mixer vibrates heavily when
the speed is selected, the beater has
been set too close to the bowl and needs
to use your bowl tools
1 Press the head release lever down
mixer head until it locks into position.
2 Fit the bowl into the base and turn anti-clockwise
to lock into position
3 Select a tool and push into the tool socket until it
4 Press the head release lever down and lower the
mixer head until it locks into position.
5 Plug into the power supply. To switch on, turn the
speed switch to the desired setting. To switch off
turn to 'O' (OFF) position.
If the mixer head is in the raised position
or the outlet cover is not fitted, the Power
On light will flash and the machine will
not operate.
Switch to pulse
for short bursts.
6 Unplug from the power supply.
7 Raise the mixer head and whilst holding it steady,
pull the tool from the tool socket.
If the mixer head is raised during operation, the
machine will stop working straight away. To
re-start, lower the mixer head, turn the speed
switch to the 'O' (OFF) position, wait a few
seconds and then re-select the speed. The
machine should resume operating straight away.
If for any reason power is interrupted and the
machine stops working, turn the speed switch to
the 'O' (OFF) position, wait a few seconds and then
re-select the speed. It should resume operating
straight away.
The machine will not operate unless the
outlet cover is correctly fitted.
If you hear the machine labouring either switch off
and remove some of the mixture or increase the
and raise the
Always remove attachments fitted to the dual drive
outlet before raising the mixer head.
nsure that no bowl tools are fitted or
stored in the bowl when using the dual
drive outlet.
Switch off and scrape the bowl with a spatula
when necessary.
Eggs at room temperature are best for whisking.
Before whisking egg whites, make sure there is no
grease or egg yolk on the whisk or bowl.
Use cold ingredients for pastry unless your recipe
states otherwise.
When creaming fat and sugar for cake mixes,
always use the fat at room temperature or soften it
Your machine has been fitted with a 'soft start'
feature to minimise spillage. However if the
machine is switched on with a heavy mixture in the
bowl such as bread dough, you may notice that it
takes a few seconds to reach the selected speed.
points for bread making
Never exceed the maximum capacities stated - you
will overload the machine.
Some movement of the mixer head is
normal when mixing heavy loads such as
bread dough.
The ingredients mix best if you put the liquid in first.
At intervals stop the machine and scrape the
mixture off the dough hook.
Different batches of flour vary considerably in the
quantities of liquid required and the stickiness of
the dough can have a marked effect on the load
imposed on the machine. You are advised to keep
the machine under observation whilst the dough is
being mixed; the operation should take no longer
than 6-8 minutes.
to fit and use your splashguard
1 Fit the bowl into the base and add the ingredients.
2 Fit the splashguard by aligning the tabs with the
bowl tool socket
lock into position
3 Fit the tool then lower the mixer head.
4 To remove the splashguard reverse the above
During mixing, ingredients can be added directly to
the bowl via the chute.
and rotate anti-clockwise to



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