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Sony PXW-FS7 Operating Instructions Manual: Picture Cache Recording (picture Cache Rec); Reviewing A Recording (rec Review)

Solid-state memory.
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Picture Cache Recording (Picture
Cache Rec)
The picture cache recording function allows you
to capture video retroactively when you start
recording and then record it to XQD memory
cards by maintaining an internal cache memory of
a specified duration when shooting. The picture
cache recording time is set using Picture Cache
Rec >Cache Rec Time (page 83) in the Recording
Supported recording formats
*1: XAVC-I 59.94P and 50P are not supported.
• Picture Cache Rec cannot be on at the same time as
Frame Rec, Interval Rec, or Slow & Quick Motion.
When Picture Cache Rec is turned on, these other
recording modes are forcibly turned off.
• Picture Cache Rec mode cannot be selected while
recording or Rec Review is in progress.
• When Picture Cache Rec is on, the timecode is
recorded in Free Run mode regardless of the setting in
the TC/UB menu (page 82).
• Zebra and Peaking cannot be used when Picture Cache
Rec is on.
Configuring before shooting
Configure Picture Cache Rec (page 83) in the
Recording menu before shooting.
You can also assign the Picture Cache Rec
function to an assignable button (page 45) and
switch Picture Cache Rec on/off using the button.
When configured, the z (green) indicator
appears in the viewfinder (page 13).
Cache time [sec.]
Not supported
0 to 2
0 to 2/2 to 4/4 to 6/6
to 8
0 to 2/2 to 4/4 to 6/6
to 8/ 8 to 10/13 to 15
Not supported
Picture cache recording
When you press the record button, recording
starts and video is written to XQD memory cards
starting from the video stored in the cache
To cancel Picture Cache Rec
Turn off Picture Cache Rec >Setting in the
Recording menu or press an assignable button
assigned with the Picture Cache Rec function.
• Changing the recording format clears the video in
cache memory stored up to that point, and starts
caching new video. Consequently, picture cache
recording of pictures before changing format is not
possible, even if you start recording immediately after
changing format.
• If Picture Cache Rec is turned on/off immediately after
inserting an XQD memory card, cache data may not be
recorded on the card.
• Video is stored in cache memory when the cache
recording function is turned on. Video prior to the
function being turned on is not cached.
• Video is not stored in cache memory while an XQD
memory card is being accessed, such as during
playback, Rec Review, or thumbnail screen display.
Picture cache recording of video during that interval is
not possible.
• You can change the cache recording time setting using
the menu while recording is in progress, but the new
value does not come into effect until after recording
Reviewing a Recording (Rec
You can check the video of the most recently
recorded clip on the screen.
When recording is stopped, press the
assignable button (page 45) with Rec
Review assigned.
The clip is played to the end, Rec Review ends,
and the camcorder returns to STBY (standby)
Press and hold the button to start playback in the
reverse direction. When the button is released, the
clip is played to the end.
To stop Rec Review
Press the assignable button with Rec Review
Rec Review is not supported if the video format is
changed after recording a clip.


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