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Maintenance; Separate Purchase; Cleaning Your Tv; Power Cord - LG 43UF640V Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
•  Do not use any unapproved items to ensure the safety and product
life span.
•  Any damage or injuries caused by using unapproved items are not
covered by the warranty.
•  Some models have a thin film attached on to the screen and this
must not be removed.
•  When attaching the stand to the TV set, place the screen facing
down on a cushioned table or flat surface to protect the screen
from scratches.
•  Make sure that the screws are inserted correctly and fastened
securely. (If they are not fastened securely enough, the TV may tilt
forward after being installed.) Do not use too much force and over
tighten the screws; otherwise screw may be damaged and not
tighten correctly.

Separate purchase

Separate purchase items can be changed or modified for quality
improvement without any notification. Contact your dealer to buy these
items. These devices only work with certain models.
The model name or design may be changed depending on the upgrade
of product functions, manufacturer's circumstances or policies.
(Depending on model)
Cinema 3D Glasses
Magic Remote
Smart camera
LG Audio Device
* Some models require Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Dongle for using Magic
Remote or LG Audio Device.
* Supporting device of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Dongle is a different in accord-
ance with model.


Cleaning your TV

Clean your TV regularly to keep the best performance and to extend the
product lifespan.
•  Make sure to turn the power off and disconnect the power cord and
all other cables first.
•  When the TV is left unattended and unused for a long time,
disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet to prevent possible
damage from lightning or power surges.
Screen, frame, cabinet and stand
To remove dust or light dirt, wipe the surface with a dry, clean, and
soft cloth.
To remove major dirt, wipe the surface with a soft cloth dampened in
clean water or a diluted mild detergent. Then wipe immediately with
a dry cloth.
•  Avoid touching the screen at all times, as this may result in damage
to the screen.
•  Do not push, rub, or hit the screen surface with your fingernail or a
sharp object, as this may result in scratches and image distortions.
•  Do not use any chemicals as this may damage the product.
•  Do not spray liquid onto the surface. If water enters the TV, it may
result in fire, electric shock, or malfunction.

Power cord

Dual Play Glasses
Remove the accumulated dust or dirt on the power cord regularly.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents