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Using The Answering Machine - Siemens Gigaset A160 User Manual

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Table of Contents
The following functions can be selected with
Resume paused playback
(see page 7).
Set the volume.
Copy an entry to the directory.
Copy to Dir.
If you have requested CNIP,
Show Name
you can show the name and
town that are registered for your
phone number with your net-
work provider.
Delete all old messages.
Delete all old
Automatic network provider code
See Menu tree, page 12.

Using the answering machine

The answering machine can be operated both via
the handset (see Menu tree, page 12) and via the
keys on your base station (page 1).
Activating/deactivating answer machine
appears in the display. The
on the base station.
The telephone is supplied with a pre-recorded
announcement. This pre-recorded announcement
is used if no personal announcement is available.
If the memory is full the answering machine
switches itself off automatically. It activates again
automatically when you delete old messages.
Recording your own announcement
See Menu tree, page 12.
You hear the ready tone (short tone). Now speak
your announcement (at least 3 sec.). Press OK to
confirm or press
After recording, the announcement is played back
for you to check.
Please note:
Recording ends automatically when the max.
recording time of 170 seconds is reached or if
there is a break in speaking of more than
2 seconds.
Playing back or deleting announcements
See Menu tree, page 12.
Playing/deleting messages
Playback begins with the first new message.
key lights up
to reject your recording.
Playing back old messages
See answering machine list, page 6.
Stopping and controlling playback
During message playback:
Stop playback: Press
Go to the start of the current message.
To the previous message.
2 x
To the next message.
To the next message but one.
2 x
Deleting an individual message
While playback is paused, press the
Deleting all old messages
During playback or pause:
Delete all old
rity prompt)
Picking up a call from the answer machine
You can still answer a call while the answering
machine is recording it by pressing
(handsfree). Recording stops and you can speak to
the caller.
Activating/deactivating listen-in
During the recording of a message you can listen in
via the base station loudspeaker and the registered
handsets (only Gigaset A265), see Menu tree,
page 12.
Setting up the answer machine
The answer machine has already been preset at the
factory. Make individual settings using the hand-
Setting call acceptance
You can set when you want the answer machine to
accept a call.
Voice Mail
Select Immediately /
30 sec
Setting the recording time
See Menu tree, page 12.
Assigning key 1 for speed dial to the
answering machine (network mailbox)
Simply press and hold key
you will be connected directly to the answering
machine (network mailbox).
See Menu tree, page 12.
again to resume
OK (Confirm the secu-
Ring Delay
10 sec
OK (
= in)
on the handset and
display key.
c or d
20 sec


Table of Contents

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