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Base Station With Answering Machine At A Glance; Safety Precautions - Siemens Gigaset A160 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Base station with answering
machine at a glance
1 Registration/Paging key:
Page handsets (press briefly, "Paging", page 8).
Register handsets (press and hold, page 8).
2 On/Off key: activate and deactivate answering
Lights up: answering machine is activated.
Flashes: there is at least one new message or
message is in the process of being recorded.
Flickers for about four seconds: memory is full.
During message playback:
3 Delete current message.
4 Skip to previous message.
5 Adjust volume (
During message playback: adjust volume.
While an external call is being signalled: adjust
ringtone volume.
6 Playback/stop key:
Play back messages from the answering ma-
chine, or cancel playback.
7 Skip to next message.
Please note:
If the answering machine is being operated
from a handset or if it is recording a message, it
cannot be operated from the base station.
If the On/Off key flashes although the answer-
ing machine is switched off, it means that there
is still at least one new message that has not
been played back yet.
= quieter;
= louder):

Safety precautions

Read the user guide and the safety precautions
carefully before use. Explain their contents to your
children, and the potential hazards associated
with using the telephone.
Only use the mains unit supplied.
Fit only the approved rechargeable battery
pack! Never use a conventional (non-recharge-
able) battery pack as this could damage your
health and cause injury. Use the battery pack as
directed in this user guide (page 3).
The operation of medical appliances may be
affected. Be aware of the technical conditions
within the particular environment (e.g. doctor's
Do not hold the rear of the handset to your ear
when it is ringing or when the handsfree func-
tion is activated. This can cause severe, perma-
nent hearing damage.
The handset may cause an unpleasant hum-
ming noise in hearing aids.
Do not install the phone in a bathroom or
shower room. The handset and base station
are not splashproof.
Do not use the telephone in environments
subject to explosion hazard (e.g. auto paint
If you give your Gigaset to someone else,
make sure you also give them the user guide.
All electrical and electronic equipment should
not be disposed of separately from general
household waste using the sites designated by
local authorities.
If this symbol showing a crossed-out rubbish bin
appears on a product, this product is subject to
European Directive 2002/96/EC.
The appropriate disposal and separate collec-
tion of used equipment serve to prevent poten-
tial harm to the environment and to health.
They are a precondition for the re-use and recy-
cling of used electrical and electronic equip-
For further information on disposing of your
used equipment, please contact your local
council refuse centre or the dealer you pur-
chased the product from.
Emergency numbers cannot be dialled if the key lock
(page 1) is activated!
Not all of the functions described in this user guide are
available in all countries.


Table of Contents

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