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Power Interruption Protection; Delay Timer; Care And Cleaning - Kenwood BM366 Manual

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delay timer

The Delay timer allows you to delay the bread making
process up to 15 hours. The delayed start cannot be
used with programs (5), (6), (7)
program button.
IMPORTANT: When using this delayed start function
you must not use perishable ingredients – things that
'go off' easily at room temperature or above, such as
milk, egg, cheese and yoghurt etc.
To use the DELAY TIMER simply place the ingredients
in the bread pan and lock the pan into the bread
maker. Then:
Press the MENU button
program – the program cycle time is displayed.
Select the crust colour and size required.
Then set the delay timer.
Press the
TIMER button and keep pressing until the
total time required is displayed. If you go past the
required time press the
The timer button when pressed, moves in 10 minute
increments. You do not need to work out the difference
between the program time selected and the total hours
required as the bread maker will automatically include
the setting cycle time.
Example: Finished loaf required at 7am. If the bread
maker is set up with the required recipe ingredients at
10pm the evening before, total time to be set on the
delayed timer is 9 hours.
Press the MENU button to
choose your program e.g. 1
and use the
button to scroll the time in 10
minute increments to display
'9:00'. If you go past '9:00',
simply press the
button until you return to
Press the START/STOP
button and the display colon
(:) will flash. The timer will
start to count down.
If you make a mistake or wish
to change the time set, press
the START/STOP button until
the screen clears. You can
then reset the time.
(10) or the eco
to choose the required
TIMER button to go back.

power interruption protection

Your Bread Maker has an 8 minute power interruption
protection in case the unit is accidentally unplugged
during operation. The unit will continue the program if
plugged back in straight away.

care and cleaning

Unplug the bread maker and allow to cool
completely before cleaning.
Do not immerse either the bread maker body or the
outside base of the bread pan in water.
Do not use abrasive scouring pads or metal
Use a soft damp cloth to clean the outside surfaces of
the bread maker if necessary.
baking chamber/heating element
To reduce the risk of smoking and burning odours
during the baking cycle, regularly remove any spillages
from inside the oven chamber and off the heating
Wipe the inside of the baking chamber with a soft
damp cloth and dry.
Carefully wipe the heating element with a soft damp
cloth. To avoid damage take care when
cleaning the element - avoid pushing down or
lifting the element up.
bread pan
Do not dishwash the bread pan.
Clean the bread pan and the kneader immediately
after each use by partially filling the pan with warm
soapy water. Leave to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. To
remove the kneader, turn clockwise and lift off. Finish
cleaning with a soft cloth, rinse and dry.
If the kneader cannot be removed after 10 minutes,
hold the shaft from underneath the pan and twist back
and forth until the kneader is released.
Lift off the lid and clean with warm soapy water.
Do not dishwash the lid.
Ensure the lid is completely dry before refitting to the
bread maker.
bread maker feet
Always use the bread maker on a clean dry worksurface.
To prevent the bread maker from moving around on the
worksurface during operation, keep the feet clean by
wiping regularly with a damp cloth.

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