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Troubleshooting Guide - Sanyo ICR-S240RM Instruction Manual

Digital voice recorder
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Table of Contents
Possible cause
Corrective action
The unit does not start.
Battery is not inserted properly or is dead.
Reinsert the battery correctly or replace with new alkaline battery.
Internal memory error.
Format (initialize) the internal memory and then reattempt recording.
Buttons do not respond.
The hold function is set.
Turn off the function.
The USB connector is still connected.
Disconnect the unit from the PC.
No sound.
The volume is turned down too low.
Adjust the volume.
Files in the VOICE (A, b, C, d) folder cannot be played.
The file name is wrong.
Changing files names using your PC will render files unplayable. Return
the file name to "IC_X(folder name)_XXX (file number).MP3".
Files in the MUSIC (M) folder cannot be played (correctly or at all).
The file is not in a playable format.
Use MP3/WMA-format files.
Files on the PC were not transferred to the MUSIC_IC folder.
Transfer them to the MUSIC_IC folder on the Removable Disk.
This is data which cannot be played on the unit.
Create a file using different encoder (MP3/WMA conversion) software.
You cannot play back files in the playlist, "-- : --" is displayed.
Music files you have erased remain in the PLAYLIST.m3u.
Delete music files you have erased from the PLAYLIST.m3u. (See
page 36)

Troubleshooting guide



Table of Contents

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