Maintenance; Protecting The Environment - Black & Decker BDV040 User Manual

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engine. Failure to do so could result in some cases of the engine
continuing to run even when the ignition key is removed which
could result in personal injury or property damage.
Turn the vehicle ignition and crank the engine in 5-6 second
bursts until engine starts.
Note: Do not attempt to start the vehicle until the boosting
cycle has been completed.
Note: The battery booster will not function while the unit is
recharging or while the 12 Vdc accessory outlet (2) is in use.
After use, turn the unit off by pressing the on/off button (3)
and recharge the unit as soon as possible so that it is ready
for the next emergency.
Warning! The end of the vehicle charging adaptor will be hot to
touch during and after boosting the vehicles battery.
Using the 12 Vdc portable power supply (fig. A)
This portable power supply can be used with all 12 Vdc
accessories equipped with a male accessory outlet plug
rated up to 5 amps.
Warning! Do not attempt to use the battery booster or recharge
the unit while the 12 Vdc accessory outlet (2) is in use.
Lift the cover of the 12 Vdc accessory outlet (2).
Insert the 12 Vdc plug from the appliance into the 12 Vdc
accessory outlet (2) on the top of the unit.
Warning! Do not exceed a 5A load.
Turn the unit on by pressing the on/off button (3). The unit
will beep once and the red power LED (11) and the battery
status LED (13) will light.
Using the LED area light (fig. A)
Note: The LED area light will only operate if the unit is
switched on.
Turn the unit on by pressing the on/off button (3).
Press the area light on/off button (6) on the top panel of the
unit to turn the LED area light (8) on.
Press the area light on/off button (6) on the top panel of the
unit to turn the LED area light (8) off.
Make sure that the LED area light is turned off while the unit
is being charged or stored.


Your Black & Decker tool has been designed to operate over
a long period of time with a minimum of maintenance.
Continuous satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool
care and regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance or cleaning on
the appliance, unplug the appliance.
From time to time wipe the appliance with a damp cloth. Do
not use any abrasive or solvent-based cleaner. Do not
immerse the appliance in water.
Replacing the fuse in the vehicle dc vehicle adapter
Remove the gold cap by turning it counter clockwise.
Remove the rubber washer, centre pin and the spring.
Remove the fuse.
Fit a new fuse of the same type and size (8 A).
Install the centre pin, spring and rubber washer.
Install the gold cap by turning clockwise onto the plug.

Protecting the environment

Should you find one day that your appliance needs
replacement, or if it is of no further use to you, think
of the protection of the environment. Black &
Decker repair agents will accept old Black &
Decker tools and ensure that they are disposed of
in an environmentally safe way.
Separate collection of used products and
packaging allows materials to be recycled and
used again. Re-use of recycled materials helps
prevent environmental pollution and reduces the
demand for raw materials.
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of
electrical products from the household, at municipal waste
sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.
Black & Decker provides a facility for the collection and
recycling of Black & Decker products once they have
reached the end of their working life. To take advantage of
this service please return your product to any authorised
repair agent who will collect them on our behalf.
You can check the location of your nearest authorised repair
agent by contacting your local Black & Decker office at the
address indicated in this manual. Alternatively, a list of
authorised Black & Decker repair agents and full details of
our after-sales service and contacts are available on the
Internet at:
Black & Decker batteries can be recharged many
times. At the end of their useful life, discard
batteries with due care for our environment:
Do not dispose of the battery in fire, as this may result in an
Lead Acid (Pb) batteries are recyclable. They must not be
disposed of with Household waste. If you do not have
access to a product recycling scheme the battery must be
removed as described below and disposed of in
accordance with local regulations.
Do not short-circuit the battery terminals.
Be aware that the battery is heavy.
If possible, operate the appliance to run the battery down
Please refer to the exploded diagram at the back of this
manual to aid you in the removal of the batteries.

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