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Changing The Monitor Settings; Changing The Monitor Settings With The Buttons Of The Control Panel - Fujitsu B24W-6 LED Operating Manual

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Changing the monitor settings

When putting the monitor into operation for the first time, the screen display should
be optimally adapted to the display adapter used.
Changing the monitor settings with the buttons
of the control panel
The buttons of the control panel have two functions. When the OSD menu is
active, the current meaning of the buttons is shown directly over the buttons
on the edge of the screen (softkeys). With the OSD menu not activated,
you can make the following settings directly:
1 = Buttons for the OSD menu (On
Screen Display)
2 = ON/OFF switch
Select OSD language
If one of the buttons is being pressed for the first time for the OSD menu, the
selection screen for the language is displayed:
► Press the
► Press the
button to cancel the process.
After selecting the OSD language for the first time, you can change
it at any time in the OSD.
Performing auto-adjustment of the monitor
► Press the
The Auto Processing message appears
Picture quality and position are set to optimum values for your system.
or the
button to confirm your entries or the
button for about 1 second.
3 = Power supply indicator
button to select the required language.
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