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Fault Finding; Black & Decker Lawn And Garden Guarantee - Black & Decker GL340 Original Instructions Manual

String trimmer
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or solvent which might contain chemicals that
could seriously damage the plastic. Do not spray
your trimmer with water.
Self lubricating bearings are used in this tool and
so lubrication is not required.

Fault finding

Before checking your trimmer for any faults,
disconnect it from the mains.
If your trimmer will not start, check that the
power cord is properly connected. If this does
not work, check your power point. Finally,
check the fuse and wiring on the cable extension
plug (UK only).
If the automatic line feed fails to operate, it could
be for one of the following reasons:
Line too short or line jammed on spool
Disconnect your trimmer from the power
Remove the spool cover (8) by pushing both
tabs (12) inwards and upwards (Fig. F).
Lift the spool (15) approximately 6mm (
from the spool housing (13), while pulling the
cutting line (5). This will allow you to lengthen
the line while clearing any line jammed inside
the spool. Ensure there is a minimum of 9cm
(3.5") protruding from the spool housing.
Rotate the spool as necessary to fully seat
the spool and replace the cover by aligning
both tabs on the cover with the slots in the
spool housing and push into place. Ensure
that both tabs are securely located.
Line still jammed on spool or broken inside
spool housing
Disconnect the power supply and remove
the cover, as previously described.
Lift out the spool (15) completely, holding the
coiled cutting line in place to prevent it
unravelling from the spool (Fig. J).
Carefully unwind the cutting line (5) from the
spool until any crossed or trapped loops are
cleared. Rewind the cutting line evenly, in the
direction of the arrow (16) on the spool.
Temporarily park the cutting line end in one
of the 'L' shaped slots to prevent the spool
unravelling. Ensure you leave a minimum of
9cm (3.5") protruding.
Turn the lever (18) backwards and forwards
to ensure it operates freely (Fig. K).
Remove any dirt or grass that may have
collected inside the spool housing and cover.
Feed the end of the line through the eyelet
(14) and then push the spool into the centre
drive shaft while pulling the free end of the
GL340 UK p02-11 w/p
What to do if your string trimmer
needs repair
For after sales service please refer to the section
'Lawnmowers & Garden' within your local
Yellow Pages.
Unwanted products and the
Black & Decker lawn and garden
lf your Black & Decker trimmer becomes defective,
within the guarantee period, due to faulty materials
and workmanship, we guarantee to either replace all
defective parts, or at our discretion, replace your
trimmer free of charge, provided that:
This guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and is
additional to your statutory rights.
Our guarantee policy
Failure due to the following are not covered:
line to release it from the 'L' shaped slot.
To fully seat the spool, rotate as necessary,
taking care not to trap the line underneath
the spool, and making sure that there is a
minimum of 9cm (3.5") of line protruding
from the spool housing.
Finally, replace the cover as previously
Should you find one day that your trimmer
needs replacement, or is of no further
use to you, think of the protection of the
environment. Black & Decker service agents
will accept your old trimmer and will dispose
of it in an environmentally safe way.
Your trimmer is returned to one of our authorised
repair agents with evidence of purchase.
Your trimmer has been used within the
parameters of its consumer classification.
Your trimmer has not been used for hire purposes.
Repairs have not been attempted by anyone
other than our authorised repair agents.
The failure represents normal wear and tear.
Replacing worn or damaged blades, nylon line
and chains, or cables damaged during storage
or use. These are regarded as replacement items
which wear during normal usage.
Failure as a result of sudden impact or obvious
Failure due to usage not in accordance with
instructions and recommendations contained in
this manual.
24/3/00, 2:17 pm

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Table of Contents