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Circuit Breaker; On/Off Switch - Peavey Dark Matter DM 115 Sub Operating Manual

Vented bass powered subwoofer system dark matter series enclosures
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A Full-Range Thru output has a male XLR connector. These outputs allow linking of additional speaker systems,
or feed of the signal to other devices, etc.
The Peavey
full-range speaker systems for sound reinforcement, public address, side fill system, karaoke or musical
A typical signal source for the line-level inputs of the DM Sub would be a sound reinforcement mixing console
(mixer) or the output from a CD player, MP3 player or tape deck. The high-pass filtered signal from the DM
Sub would then be sent to a full-range powered speaker system, easing the burden of deep bass from this
speaker system.


The unit is AC power line protected from overloads and fault conditions with a 5 amp circuit breaker. This
breaker should not trip unless there is a fault in the amplifier circuitry or an abnormal operating condition,
which causes excessive mains current to flow. If the breaker trips, set the Power switch (3) to OFF, and after
waiting a brief period of time for the breaker to cool, reset the breaker.
If the circuit breaker trips, the center button will pop outward approximately 1/4", and can be reset by pushing
upward and inward. Under normal (not tripped) conditions, the center button is relatively flat.
If the unit continues to trip the breaker, or trips it immediately after being reset, do not keep resetting it; the
system should be taken to a qualified Peavey Service Center for repair.
This receptacle is for the IEC line cord (supplied) that provides AC power to the unit. It is very important that
you ensure the DM Sub has the proper AC line voltage supplied. You can find the proper voltage for your DM
Sub printed next to the IEC line (power) cord on the rear panel of the unit.
Please read this guide carefully to ensure your personal safety as well as the safety of your equipment. Never
break off the ground pin on any equipment. It is provided for your safety. If the outlet used does not have a
ground pin, a suitable grounding adapter should be used and the third wire should be grounded properly. To
prevent the risk of shock or fire hazard, always be sure that the mixer and all other associated equipment are
properly grounded.
This rocker switch supplies AC power to the DM Sub when switched to the ON position. The ON position is with
the left side of the switch pushed "in" or nearly flush with the rear panel.
Sub has a variety of applications, such as extending the bass performance of smaller

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