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Power Supply; Cutting Capacity - Black & Decker BPSC2135 User Manual

Chop saw
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I. Vise Level
J. Wheel
K. Guard
L. Spindle Lock
M. Depth Stop Bolt and Jam Nut
N. Trigger Switch
O. Padlock Hole
P. Fence Bolts
X. Lock Pin

Power supply

Be sure your power supply agrees with the nameplate
marking. A voltage decrease of more than 10% will cause a
loss of power and overheating.

Cutting capacity

The wide vise opening and high pivot point provide cutting
capacity for many large pieces. Use the cutting capacity
chart to determine total maximum size of cuts that can be
made with a new wheel.
Caution: Certain large, circular or irregularly
shaped objects may require additional
holding means if they cannot be held
securely in vise.
Caution: do not cut magnesium with this tool.
Maximum Cutting Capacity
Note: Capacity shown on chart assumes no wheel wear and
optimum fence position.
A = 4-7/8"
A = 4-1/2"
A= 4-1/2"
A = 3-13/16"
A x B
4-1/2" x 5-1/8"
A = 4-1/2" x 5-3/8"
(115mm x 130mm)
(115mm x 137mm)
4" x 7-5/8"
(102mm x 188mm)
3" x 7-3/8"
(76mm x 229mm)
A = 3-13/16"
4-1/2" x 3-13/16"
4-1/8" x 3-3/4"
(105mm x 95mm)
Standard Equipment
1 14" Metal Cutting Abrasive Wheel
1 Wheel Wrench
1 Instruction manual
To Carry (fig. 1)
Fold down unit to position where you can carry the saw.
Push in lock pin (X) to lock arm down.
UnLocking (fig. 1)
To unlock tool and raise head, depress motor arm slightly
and pull lock pin (X) out. Motor arm will then pivot upward.
Spark Deflector Adjustment (fig. 1)
To best deflect sparks away from surrounding persons and
materials, loosen the screw (B), adjust the spark deflector
(C) and then retighten screw. Do not allow cordset to come
into contact with deflector or sparks as damage to cordset
may occur.
Depth Stop (fig. 1)
Depth stop is set at the factory for a new 14" wheel to
prevent wheel from cutting into the supporting surface.To
allow more depth of cut, use the flat wrench provided (G) to
loosen the depth stop bolt (M) and raise bolt todesired height
and then turn jam nut (M) clockwise until seated firmly on the
casting. Securely tighten the depth stop bolt before use.
Caution: When changing to a new wheel,
readjust epth stop to original position to prevent
cutting intosupporting surface.
Trigger Switch (fig. 1)
To start the tool, depress the trigger switch (N). To turn the
tool off, release the trigger switch. Keep hands and material
from wheel until it has coasted to a stop.To prevent
unauthorized use of tool, install a standard padlock (not
included) into the padlock hole (O) located inthe trigger.
Material Clamping and Supporting
Angles are best clamped and cut with both legs resting
against base.



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