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Auto Reconnect; Calling; Answering A Call; Transferring A Call - LG HBS-760 TonePRO User Manual

Bluetooth stereo headset
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Call Waiting
- While on a call, press the CALL button for 1 second to switch to an incoming call.
- To switch between 2 active calls, press the CALL button for 1 second.
- To end both calls briefly press the CALL button.
- If both handsets are receiving an incoming call, the headset will default to the primary

Auto Reconnect

- The headset and handset will automatically reconnect when the HBS-760 is turned
back on while in range.
- The secondary handset will need to be connected manually. Select LG HBS760 from
the list of devices in the Bluetooth menu and pair.
Out of Range
- If the paired devices are separated by a range of 33 feet (10 meters) or more, the
headset and handset will disconnect and the HBS-760 will vibrate to alert you*.
* To turn off device vibration, slide the VOLUME switch to the + position and hold for 2
- If the headset and handset do not automatically reconnect when they are back within
the required range, briefly press the CALL button on the HBS-760 to reconnect
- While in multi-connection and streaming, the inactive paired device will be disconnected
when out of range. The HBS-760 will alert you once with no attempt to reconnect.


Answering a Call

- When there is an incoming call, the headset will ring and vibrate.
- Briefly slide the VOLUME switch to the - position to stop the vibration*.
* The HBS-760 will not vibrate if the vibration function has been turned off.
- Briefly press the CALL button to answer the incoming call.

Transferring a Call

- You can manually transfer the call to or from the headset by pressing the PLAY/
PAUSE/STOP button twice on the HBS-760 (handset and headset must be
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