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Cigar Storage Guide - NewAir CC-280E Owner's Manual

Thermoelectric cigar cooler
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Keep in mind that sometimes storage temperature can depend on
personal preference as to how people like for their cigars to taste.
As a general rule, the combination of consistent high heat and humidity
ratios is a factor in cigar spoiling or tobacco beetle infestations.
The ideal temperature for storing cigars is between 65° and 73°F.
Temperatures at or above 75°F risk tobacco beetle infestations.
The ideal relative humidity (RH) for storing cigars is between 65% and 75%
RH. To properly monitor and maintain RH in the CC-280E, you will need to
add a hygrometer (humidity gauge) and some kind of humidifier to the
Keep cigars out of direct sunlight, to avoid exposure to damaging UV rays.
It is recommended to keep cigars in their original boxes and packaging as
long as possible. Keep unwrapped cigars separate in your cooler to avoid
unwanted mingling of flavors.
Check cigars regularly for signs of tobacco beetles and mold, and take
preventative measures if necessary.
Properly stored cigars can improve with age for as long as 5-10 years, and
can be kept even longer in ideal conditions.
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