Maintenance; Protecting The Environment - Black & Decker BDV080 User Manual

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Remove the nuts from the bolts of the battery terminal's
connectors (fig. B).
Install the red ring terminal (4) to the bolt of the positive
battery terminal connector and replace the nut.
Install the black ring terminal (4) to the bolt of the negative
terminal connector and replace the nut.
Insert the ac plug of the battery charger into an ac mains
Connecting the appliance with the dc accessory plug
(fig. A)
Warning! Always disconnect the ac plug from the ac mains
socket before connecting or disconnecting the appliance to or
from the battery.
Connect the dc accessory plug (5) to the battery charger
with the in-line connector (6).
Insert the dc accessory plug (5) into the vehicle's dc
accessory outlet.
Insert the ac plug of the battery charger into an ac mains
Charging Indicators
The appliance has three charging indicators (2):
Red LED - bad connection, the battery is not able to accept
charge or a reverse polarity connection has been detected.
Yellow LED - good connection and the battery is charging.
Green LED - the battery is fully charged.
When the appliance is properly connected, the yellow LED
will illuminate, indicating that the smart circuit is functioning
to assess the status of the battery. This procedure may take
up to 2 minutes if the battery voltage is lower than
12.8 Volts.
The appliance is fully automatic; it will power on when
needed and power off when the battery is fully-charged.
The appliance has built-in circuit protection which guards
against overcharging or short circuits.
Charging the battery (fig. C)
Slide the charge rate selector switch (1) to the 1A or 2A
position as required.
Leave the appliance on.
Monitor the battery from time to time.
Note: A clicking sound may occur during the charging
process, this is normal.
When the green LED is lit, the battery is fully charged, slide
the charge rate selector switch (1) to the 0 position.
Remove the ac plug from the ac mains socket.
Remove the charging leads from the battery.
If the appliance is not charging:
Check that the battery charger is properly connected to a
live 230 Vac outlet (the yellow LED will illuminate).
Check that the correct charging rate has been selected for
the battery being charged.
If the voltage of the battery to be charged has fallen below
4 Volts, the battery cannot be charged with this battery


Your Black & Decker appliance has been designed to
operate over a long period of time with a minimum of
maintenance. Continuous satisfactory operation depends
upon proper care and regular cleaning of your appliance.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance or cleaning on
the appliance, unplug the appliance.
From time to time wipe the appliance with a damp cloth. Do
not use any abrasive or solvent-based cleaner. Do not
immerse the appliance in water.
Replacing the fuse in the dc accessory plug
Remove the gold cap by turning it counter clockwise.
Remove the rubber washer, centre pin and the spring.
Remove the fuse.
Fit a new fuse of the same type and size (5 A).
Install the centre pin, spring and rubber washer.
Install the gold cap by turning it clockwise onto the plug.
Mains plug replacement (U.K. & Ireland only)
If a new mains plug needs to be fitted:
Safely dispose of the old plug.
Connect the brown lead to the live terminal in the new plug.
Connect the blue lead to the neutral terminal.
Warning! No connection is to be made to the earth terminal.
Follow the fitting instructions supplied with good quality plugs.
Recommended fuse: 3 A.

Protecting the environment

Should you find one day that your appliance
needs replacement, or if it is of no further use to
you, think of the protection of the environment.
Black & Decker repair agents will accept old
Black & Decker tools and ensure that they are
disposed of in an environmentally safe way.
Separate collection of used products and
packaging allows materials to be recycled and
used again. Re-use of recycled materials helps
prevent environmental pollution and reduces the
demand for raw materials.

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