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System One REMstar Pro and REMstar Auto
Pocket Guide


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  • Page 1 System One REMstar Pro and REMstar Auto Pocket Guide...
  • Page 2 This pocket guide does not replace the full manual. Additional important information can be found in the manuals of the respective devices.
  • Page 3 Controls...
  • Page 4 Patient menu Therapy Therapy Therapy Flex Flex Info Info Setup Setup Starts the therapy by pressing on the control wheel. Basic position of the menu. Note: If the patient inadvertently turns the menu button, System One will automatically return to the “Therapy” patient menu after 10 sec.
  • Page 5 Patient menu Flex Therapy Therapy Flex Flex Settings for Flex and Flex-Demo modes. Info Info Setup Setup Info Therapy Therapy Flex Flex Inquiry regarding therapy hours and history of important therapy parameters Info Info Setup Setup (if released by the clinical supervisor for the patient).
  • Page 6 Setup Therapy Therapy Flex Flex Info Info Setup Setup Additional therapy settings released for the patient. Query of the therapy hours Therapy Therapy Flex Flex Info Info Setup Setup On the device display, the therapy hours can be read by the patient as follows: From the Patient menu, select Info.
  • Page 7 Mask test Only for System One REMstar Auto in Auto CPAP mode. The mask test allows the patient to check the correct fit of the mask by himself/herself before starting the therapy. This function must be authorized for the patient by the clinical supervisor. If the ramp button is pressed (see control panel) when the device is still not producing any therapy pressure, the mask test begins.
  • Page 8 Setup – Settings After selecting Setup on the clinical menu, you receive the following setup options: C-Check CPAP REMstar Pro Mode A-trial C-Check CPAP Auto REMstar Auto CPAP pressure 4.0 - 20.0 4-20 cm H C-Check pressure Only for REMstar Auto If A-trial selected 3.0 - 30.0 Min days...
  • Page 9 No Flex C-Flex C-Flex + No Flex C-Flex A-Flex C-Flex + REMstar Pro Flex type REMstar Auto Flex stage configurable Flex “On” locks the setting of the Flex stage Flex lock on the Setup patient menu. “On” locks the setting of the tube type Tubing type lock on the Setup patient menu.
  • Page 10 Setting to compensate for the mask resistance System One for special masks. 0 for standard masks. resistance control “On” locks the resistance control on the Lock System One Setup patient menu. Duration of sleep ramp from 0 (off) Ramp time 0:00 - 0:45 to 45 minutes.
  • Page 11 Only when the humidifier is connected “On” for automatic control of humidifier System One humidification performance via air humidity and room temperature. “Off ” for constant heating performance. Defines the setting of the humidifier at the Humidifier start of therapy. Stages C1 to C5 (classic mode) for constant heating performance.
  • Page 12 Therapy device switches on automatically Auto on by breathing on the device. Therapy device switches off automatically after Auto off a certain time if the mask is removed. In the event of a large leak, mask alert Mask alert on the display and an audible alert signal. Only with REMstar Auto Opti-Start “On”...
  • Page 13 Only with REMstar Auto Split night “On” activates the split night mode: In the first half of the night, CPAP therapy is given, while Auto CPAP therapy is given in the second half of the night. Split night start Pressure of the CPAP therapy during Split 4.0 - 20.0 Night (between Auto min and Auto max).
  • Page 14 Clinical menu Configure therapy parameters Therapy Therapy Flex Flex Info Info Setup Setup Switch to the clinical menu to configure the therapy parameters: On the patient menu, select the Setup menu item (dark background). Then hold down the knob the ramp button simultaneously for 5 seconds and wait until the double beep is heard.
  • Page 15 Notes...
  • Page 16 © 2013 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights are reserved. Philips Healthcare reserves the right to make changes in specifications and/or to discontinue any product at any time without notice or obligation and will not be liable for any consequences resulting from the use of this publication.

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