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Additional Safety Rules For Tool; Installation; Bench Mounting; Functional Description - Makita LS1212 Instruction Manual

Slide compound saw
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1. Wear eye protection.
2. Keep hands out of path of saw blade. Avoid contact
with any coasting blade. It can still cause severe
3. Do not operate saw without guards in place.
Check blade guard for proper closing before each
use. Do not operate saw if blade guard does not
move freely and close instantly. Never clamp or tie
the blade guard into the open position.
4. Do not perform any operation freehand. The
workpiece must be secured firmly against the turn
base and guide fence with the vise during all
operations. Never use your hand to secure the
5. Never reach around saw blade.
6. Turn off tool and wait for saw blade to stop before
moving workpiece or changing settings.
7. Unplug tool before changing blade or servicing.
8. Always secure all moving portions before carrying
the tool.
9. Stopper pin which locks the cutter head down is
for carrying and storage purposes only and not for
any cutting operations.
10. Don't use the tool in the presence of flammable liquids
or gases.
11. Check the blade carefully for cracks or damage before
Replace cracked or damaged blade immediately.
12. Use only flanges specified for this tool.
13. Be careful not to damage the arbor, flanges
(especially the installing surface) or bolt. Damage to
these parts could result in blade breakage.
14. Make sure that the turn base is properly secured so it
will not move during operation.
15. For your safety, remove the chips, small pieces, etc.
from the table top before operation.
16. Avoid cutting nails. Inspect for and remove all nails
from the workpiece before operation.
17. Make sure the shaft lock is released before the switch
is turned on.
18. Be sure that the blade does not contact the turn base
in the lowest position.
19. Hold the handle firmly. Be aware that the saw moves
up or down slightly during start-up and stopping.
20. Make sure the blade is not contacting the workpiece
before the switch is turned on.
21. Before using the tool on an actual workpiece, let it run
for a while. Watch for vibration or wobbling that could
indicate poor installation or a poorly balanced blade.
22. Wait until the blade attains full speed before cutting.
23. Stop operation immediately if you notice anything
24. Do not attempt to lock the trigger in the on position.
25. Be alert at all times, especially during repetitive,
monotonous operations. Don't be lulled into a false
sense of security. Blades are extremely unforgiving.
26. Always use accessories recommended in this manual.
Use of improper accessories such as abrasive wheels
may cause an injury.
27. Do not use the saw to cut other than aluminum,
wood or similar materials.
28. Connect miter saws to a dust collecting device
when sawing.
29. Select saw blades in relation to the material to be
30. Take care when slotting.
31. Replace the kerf board when worn.


Bench mounting

When the tool is shipped, the handle is locked in the
lowered position by the stopper pin. Release the stopper
pin by lowering the handle slightly and pulling the stopper
pin. (Fig. 1)
This tool should be bolted with four bolts to a level and
stable surface using the bolt holes provided in the tool's
base. This will help prevent tipping and possible injury.
(Fig. 2)


• Always be sure that the tool is switched off and
unplugged before adjusting or checking function on the
Blade guard (Fig. 3)
When lowering the handle, the blade guard rises
automatically. The blade guard returns to its original
position when the cut is completed and the handle is
In the interest of your personal safety, always maintain the
blade guard in good condition. Any irregular operation of
the blade guard should be corrected immediately. NEVER
If the see-through blade guard becomes dirty, or sawdust
adheres to it in such a way that the blade and/or
workpiece is no longer easily visible, unplug the saw and
clean the guard carefully with a damp cloth. Do not use
solvents or any petroleum-based cleaners on the plastic
Positioning kerf board (Fig. 4 & 5)
This tool is provided with the kerf boards in the turn base.
The kerf boards are factory adjusted so that the saw blade
does not contact the kerf boards. Before use, adjust the
kerf boards as follows:
First, unplug the tool. Loosen all the screws (2 each on left
and right) securing the kerf boards. Re-tighten them only
to the extent that the kerf boards can still be easily moved
by hand. Lower the handle fully and push in the stopper
pin to lock the handle in the lowered position. Loosen the
knob which secures the slide poles. Pull the carriage
toward you fully. Adjust the kerf boards so that the kerf
boards just contact the sides of the blade teeth. Tighten
the front screws (do not tighten firmly). Push the carriage
toward the guide fence fully and adjust the kerf boards so
that the kerf boards just contact the sides of blade teeth.
Tighten the rear screws (do not tighten firmly).


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