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Disassembly And Reassembly; Replacement Of Magnetron, Motor Assembly And Lamp; Replacement Of High Voltage Transformer - Samsung CK135 Service Manual

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Table of Contents

4. Disassembly and Reassembly

4-1 Replacement of Magnetron, Motor Assembly and Lamp

Remove the magnetron including the shield case,
permanent magnet, choke coils and capacitors (all
of which are contained in one assembly).
1. Disconnect all lead wires from the magnetron
and lamp.
2. Remove the bracket mounting.
3.Remove the magnetron supporter
4. Remove the air cover.
5. Remove screws securing the magnetron to the
wave guide.
6. Take out the magnetron very carefully.
7. Remove screws from the back panel.
8.Remove the assy noise filter.
9. Take out the fan motor.
10. Remove the oven lamp by pulling out from
hole of air cover carefully.
NOTE1: When removing the magnetron, make
sure that its antenna does not hit any
adjacent parts, or it may be damaged.
NOTE2: When replacing the magnetron, be sure
to remount the magnetron gasket in
the correct position and make sure the
gasket is in good condition.

4-2 Replacement of High Voltage Transformer

1. Discharge the high voltage capacitor.
2. Disconnect all the leads.
3. Remove the mounting bolts.
4. Reconnect the leads correctly and firmly.
Samsung Electronics
Cover Air
Thermo S/ W
H. V. Trans
M agnetron
Servicemen should remov their w atches w henever
w orking close to or replacing the magnetron.
There exists HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY w ith high
current capabilities in the circuits of the HIGH
VOLTAGE TRANSFORM ER secondary and filament
terminals. It is extremely dangerous to w ork on or
near these circuits w ith the oven energized.
DO NOT measure the voltage in the high voltage
circuit including filament voltage of magnetron.
Fan M otor
H. V. Capacitor


Table of Contents