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Samsung CK135 Service Manual page 16

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6-2 Electrical Malfunction(continued)
Oven lamp and fan motor turn on
Oven can program but timer
does not start.
M icrow ave output is low ;.
Oven takes longer time to
cook food.
Fan motor turns on w hen plugged in
Oven does not operate and return
to the plugged in mode.
Loud buzzing noise can be heard.
Turntable motor does not rotate.
Oven stops operation during cooking
Uneven cooking
Noise from the turntable motor
w hen it starts to operate.
1. M isadjustment or loose w iring
of primary latch sw itch
2. Defective primary latch sw itch
1. Open or loose w iring of secondary
interlock sw itch
2. Off-alignment of primary interlock
3. Defective secondary interlock S/ W
1. Decrease in pow er source voltage.
2. Open or loose w iring of magnetron
filament circuit. (Intermittent oscillation))
3. Aging of magnetron
Loose w iring of door sensing sw itch
Defective Ass'y PCB
1. Loose fan and fan motor
2. Loose screw s on H.V.Transformer
3. Shorted H.V.Diode
1. Open or loose w iring of turntable motor.
2. Defective turntable motor.
1. Open or loose w iring of primary
interlock sw itch
2. Operation of thermal cutout(M agnetron)
1. M etallic w are or cooking dishes
touching on the oven w all.
2. Ceramic w are trimmed w ith gold or
silver pow der also causes sparks.
Uneven intensity of microw ave due to
its characteristics.
Noise may result from the motor.
Adjust door and latch sw itches.
Adjust door and interlock sw itches.
Consult electrician.
Check w ire of door sensing sw itch.
Replace PCB main.
Tighten screw s of fan motor.
Tighten screw s of H.V.Transformer.
Replace H.V.Diode.
Check the w ire of turntable motor
Replace turntable motor.
Adjust door and latch sw itches.
Inform the customer.
Do not use any type of cookw are w ith
metallic trimming.
Wrap thinner parts of the food w ith
aluminum foil.
Use plastic w rap or cover w ith a lid.
Stir once or tw ice w hile cooking
foods such as soup, cocoa, or milk.
Replace turntable motor.
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Table of Contents