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Procedure For Measurement Of Microwave Energy Leakage; Check For Microwave Leakage; Note On Measurement; Leakage Measuring Procedure - Samsung CK135 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
Alignment and Adjustments

5-9 Procedure for Measurement of Microwave Energy Leakage

1) Pour 275±15cc of 20±5˚C(68±9˚F) water in a
beaker which is graduated to 600cc, and place
the beaker in the center of the oven.
2) Start to operate the oven and measure the
leakage by using a microwave energy survey
3) Set survey meter with dual ranges to 2,450MHz.
4) When measuring the leakage, always use the 2
inch spacer cone with the probe. Hold the probe
perpendicular to the cabinet door. Place the
spacer cone of the probe on the door and/or
cabinet door seam and move along the seam, the
door viewing window and the exhaust openings
moving the probe in a clockwise direction at a rate of 1 inch/sec. If the leakage testing of the cabinet door
seam is taken near a corner of the door, keep the probe perpendicular to the areas making sure that the
probe end at the base of the cone does not get closer than 5cm to any metal. If it gets closer than 5cm,
erroneous readings may result.
5) Measured leakage must be less than 4mW/cm
M aximum allow able leakage is 5mW/ cm
4mW/ cm
is used to allow for measurement and meter accuracy

5-10 Check for Microwave Leakage

1. Remove the outer panel.
2. Pour 275±15cc of 20±5˚C(68±9˚F) water in a
beaker which is graduated to 600cc, and
place the beaker in the center of the oven.
3. Start the oven at the highest power level.
4. Set survey meter dual ranges to 2,450MHz.
5. Using the survey meter and spacer cone as
described above, measure arnear the
opening of magnetron, the surface of the air
guide and the surface of the wave guide as
shown in the following photo.( but avoid the
high voltage components.) The neading
should be less than 4mW/cm

5-11 Note on Measurement

1) Do not exceed the limited scale.
2) The test probe must be held on the grip of the handle, otherwise a false reading may result when the
operator's hand is between the handle and the probe.
3) When high leakage is suspected, do not move the probe horizontally along the oven surface; this may
cause damage to the probe.
4) Follow the recommendation of the manufacturer of the microwave energy survey meter.

5-12 Leakage Measuring Procedure

5-12-1 Record keeping and notification after measurement
1) After adjustment and repair of a radiarion preventing device, make a repair record for the measured
values, and keep the data.
2) If the radiation leakage is more than 4 mW/cm
functioning properly and the identical parts are replaced as listed in this manual notift that fact to ;
5-12-2 At least once a year have the microwave energy survey meter checked for accuracy by its manufacturer.
, after repair or adjustment.
after determining that all parts are in good condition,
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